Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: casey


Good job Casey!
I didn’t really expect all those parts, and very well animated, parts you have in here…
Very nice. You are right, there’s a lot to look at for the judges and really no clue what it is they are looking for… :slight_smile:


Very good indeed!!!
Like the editing as well, nice job!
Good luck!


Great work Casey, the effects at the end are slick, and the overall finish is very nice. You really brought through a menacing feeling :slight_smile: Congrats & good luck.


dang it…i could have sworn we were limited to 2 minutes for the animation…

…however the subtitle for the Animation forum says 10 second to 3 minute animation.

i remeber thinking it could have been 3 minutes, then seeing somewhere else that it is only supposed to be 2 minutes.


had some other stuff that was cut due to the (i thought) 2 minute time constraint.

oh well. i guess i better investigate more next time.


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