Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: casey


lol @ your last post casey… looking forward to seeing where this ends up going


Excellent animation ! Great JOB Casey ! This is going to be really nice ! The last tests are good !


Software: Maya

just a test render here.
looking forward to watching everyone’s finished animations.


The last animation was nice… i was wondering how you did all the optical fx :shrug:

Seems you also have a lot to animate… Keep it up:thumbsup:


thanks. i’m actually very close to being done. just compiling everything in post production.
not sure about what i’m going to do about the sound, though.

as for your question…i did the optical stuff in after effects. i rendered out the background light separate, applied glow, etc. the same for the flashlight. i rendered out just the basic bulb shape, applied glow, and keyed a lens flare that moves w/ it. stuff like that.


the final render requirement for the contest.


just posting an image from the animation. still working on it.
very happy about the deadline extension. i’ve been able to tweak a handful of things i wasn’t happy with…as well as add a few things i didn’t think i’d have time to do.


ok. i think i have everything pretty muched wrapped up. there may be one part of the audio i want to tweak before i upload the final animation. if i’m going to be real picky there are still a few sequences i would like to tweak…but not sure if there is enough time for that. overall, i’m pretty happy with the end result. will upload soon. can’t wait to see everyone’s final animations.


just thought it would be fun to show you my amazing note taking skills. somehow, out of all that jumbled mess, i was able to put together a coherent (i think) animation.
also, i scanned the original sketch of the alien. he changed a little, made him a bit more menacing, i guess.


ok. i will be uploading the final animation early evening, tomorrow. i could tweak it for another 2 weeks if time allowed…but i guess we have to let these things go sooner or later.
for now, just another screenshot.


There’s a lot going on here. Just saw the clip with the flashlight, looks really good!
You overall shading of things, especially that cockpit and clothing and the various “things” like that, is amazing.


Software: After Effects,Illustrator,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop

strange behavior:
well, this is the finished entry for the strange behavior contest. i am fairly happy with the end result. very glad to have the extra 2 week extension since i entered the animation contest a bit late (mid september).


i’ve always been interested in the idea that there could be other life “out there” and the possibility that these lifeforms are interested in interacting with us. to me, the strangest thing that can happen in everyday normal life would be to be abducted by these creatures. so it is their behavior that is strange to me, because it is unkown. what do they want? why us? are we just dumb animals to them?
the underlying idea came from watching nature shows. i recall once seeing people in a helicopter tracking down a moose, tranquilizing him, studying him, and monitoring him with a tracking device after release. surely that animal thought he was being attacked by some alien lifeform.

i had a lot of fun with the sound editing as well. originally i wanted to make the music with propellerhead’s reason, but decided that would take way too long. so indstead, i settled on using acid
pro, and a collection of royalty-free sounds, fx, loops, etc. i wanted the sound/music to be sporadic and appropriate to the situation…since this is a short animation and things happen quick, you’ll notice the music changes quite a bit.

why a skydiver?
well, he originated from a 2d cartoon idea i had been messing with around the same time i decided to enter the animation contest. so i figured i might as well work from there since he was fresh in my mind.

i’m excited to have him in 3d and might make some more animation w/ him, too. the 2d freeFall cartoons can be seen at

so i hope you guys enjoy my entry. i had a lot of fun working on it and can’t wait for another contest to enter.
thanks to everyone who took the time to check out my thread during the days leading up to the deadline. i appreciate the feedback, critiques, support, etc.

Play Video >>


Excellent ! I like the story very much and the final is “hilarious”. Stupid aliens…


Well done Casey! It was interesting to see this work of yours growing more and more promising! I admit that I did not expected so advanced, exellent product at the end! Enjoyed it much! :thumbsup:


i really enjoyed watching ur entry! very nice job!:slight_smile:


Dude! this turned out great! made me laugh a few times, especially the end:D Congratulations


i just want to say thanks to the handful of people who have taken the time to check out my entry. i appreciate your comments and critiques.

this contest is great. i’ve spent the last two days just checking out everyone’s stuff. really fun to see this many completed projects in one place. there is some really amazing stuff by some of you guys and gals. i don’t know what the judges are looking for, but they have some tough choices to make for sure.

i’m already excited for the next contest.


wooo, this one turned out absolutely great. You nailed that “x-files on-ship atmosphere”. And the point is just perfect. Like it a lot! Good luck.


I like the animation… pretty good music… you have done a great work


I like the animation… pretty good music… you have done a great work