Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: casey


This is great work, looking forward to see it :slight_smile:
Great motion in that still “free fall” image - superb!

And good luck!


I like the alien… looks very friendly
good work on the modeling and rigging:thumbsup:


been away for a while. the good news is i was on a plane and got to take some cool photos and video from above the clouds.

here is a test render of the “abduction team”. they are flying on some little floor-buffer-looking things. may still tweak them a bit. the sky image is one i took from the plane.

basically the single guy will distract the skydiver while the tandem team shoots him w/ a tranquilizer dart.

something like that.


just a small update. i thought the textures were a bit too bright…at least for my taste. anyway made a few adjustments and plopped their ship in the background, too.
i should have some animation to post pretty soon. had some rig trouble, but i think i have it taken care of…at least i hope i do.


Software: Maya

test file. quality may be bad…sorry.

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Well this will have the full power when the some motion blur clouds/environment jump into the background… for now looks good! Probably you will find the time to twak it more, add some main ship motion, and extra movements to characters… Maybe only I would smooth a little the momment when they blast against the camera…?


just a shot from a sequence.


Software: Maya

still a ton to do…but wanted to post some progress. the guy moves a bit robotic, still…plus i haven’t done any of the facial animations…starting to worry if i’ll have enough time to get everything done that i want.

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just a render test for one of the action sequences.


thanks for the crit. i appreciate it. yeah, there is still a lot of stuff i want to tweak on that playblast. it is still a work in progress for sure. hopefully there will be enough time to tweak everything.
thanks again.


Huhh huhh… time is almost gone… there is a render time very soon, and we must finish swiftly… me too, will not have time to get everything done propper… but everyone should go what one has, i guess. In my case, i am forced now to make sure that there will be no great failures… tweaking time will be very short…

Good luck!


Software: Maya

just some playblasts of a few sequences. the “scene missing” stuff are a couple parts that are still in the work.

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Hey Troy…

The animation look great!! i like scenes and camera movement. (have you seen a 3D animation of PUCCA?)

good luck.


awesome. pucca is great. pretty clever style they use.
can’t believe there is another skydiving cartoon out there…dang it!
thanks for the comments on my stuff…still a ton to do, though.


Software: Maya

here is a slight update to the previous upload. added in a couple of the missing scenes. still a lot to polish, though.

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i´m sorry.

but your animation look great, a movement.

i can´t wait to see the final work.


Software: Maya

another update. more scenes squeezed in there. thanks for taking the time to look it over.

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Software: Maya

another blurb of animation.

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Software: Maya

test file. this is a playblast of part of the animation composited w/ some video i took out of an airplane. just a test. working on the look/feel and stuff. will look more integrated for the final render as i plan on rendering out the objects in different parts in order to apply some depth and stuff…

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Software: Maya

a small clip from the animation.

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