Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: casey


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Latest Update: Final Render: stick a fork in it!


Here is my pre-vis stuff. this animation is going to be based off a 2d cartoon idea i’ve been working on recently. decided it would be cool to convert to 3d for this competition. still getting the idea fleshed out, but it will revolve around this skydiver and his interaction w/ an alien ship. depending on the time, i may introduce some “men in black” into the scene as well.

the original cartoons for freeFall can be seen here:, this should give you an idea about the type of humor i am going for.

thanks for taking the time to check out my entry!



some modeling that i have been doing for this project. thinking i may use cloth for his jumpsuit, if i can get it to behave the way i want it to.


OH … Very cute.
I like it.


just a concept. this pic actually gives me a bit of motion sickness!

still working out the maya cloth…hoping it works…the tests look pretty neat, but a bit out of control.


Hey casey nice work

i checked the animation on ur website looks very hilarious :slight_smile:
I really like the idea
Good luck!


this was supposed to be part of the modeling milestone.


almost finished textured, lighting, etc. i’m sure i’ll make a handful of tweaks. i want to add a spec. map to the helmet, still. i have a few other things i “want” to do, but we’ll see how it goes w/ time.


not finished…but this is progress on one of the inhabitants that will be in the ship that our brave skydiver will encounter.

still have some modeling to do, trying to make him look non-threatening…almost as if he could be friendly. the texture is not complete, either…have a handful of details that i want to add.

modeling with polys in maya.


more progress on the alien. i can’t help but work the textures and the modeling at the same time. anyway, all polys from maya. made the skin texture in photoshop by creating a few different layers of skin to try an add some depth. a few bad seams, but that can be corrected down the road.


Nice alien.


just a bit of an update on the alien…worked more on the texturing as well as a bit of the modeling. have his limbs almost done, as well as a face rig.


some images showing a few things.


The alien looks good, the pose of the man too.


Very nice and friendly monster! Reminds me somwhat on Star Wars. Also atmosphere is very good, colours are in harmony of mad fall :). Possibly you can work a bit on the parachuter’s face, it is little bit plain, flat, when compared with alien!


yeah, i agree 100% about the human’s face. i was planning on adding a more detailed texture map to make it look a little better. thanks for the critique, i appreciate it.


a comparison in heights of the characters. the alien, i’m thinking, will probably be hunched over…maybe like how a gorilla would move. not sure. thinking about slapping on a cape or some kind of garment on the aliens back. we’ll see.
anyway…test rendering and stuff.


working out the face weighting, rigging, etc. these are some tests.


Excellent stuff Casey !
When I see the alien I reminds me the alien in EON, the last challenge of CGsociety !


pretty much have alien skinned and weighted. test shot of him in a pose.