Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Carlos Eduardo Montoya Cortes


hihi, didn’t had the time leave some notes… great job! :slight_smile: poor little guy, alot of dust to wipe… cute and funny !


awesome job man, well done. Love the voice… hehe, very funny man ;p


Ferx: i glad you like it…and i am agree with you…is time to rest some time after all this time. of animating, modeling and rendering, good luck!

medunecer: htanks a lot, i get the idea of the desing of the dog from a guy from my job…his desing was quite diferent, but i kept the idea.:smiley:

elmasfeo: i get the idea of the bean planet when i was eating beans!..LOL…hahahah:twisted:

fruela: yeah…grasshpper on the pole, and skimo on desert…all opposite:)thats the general idea.

Oweron: oh my friend…i really glad you like it…thanks for your support!:thumbsup:

syrez-one: he must spend a lot of time! to finish al desert…all his life and more maybe:twisted:…poor and fool.

Versiden: hey you are the post #100…you did it!..and the voice, is my own voice with a few tweaks, to make it sound like that…good luck to you…with “space out” short:beer:


Hehe the style is nice Mel, and the sound effects are clever. Nice work :slight_smile:


Trickz: thanks a lot…it was a hard work with sounds…glad you like it!:beer:


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