Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Carlos Eduardo Montoya Cortes


now i’m making the final touches to my animation…and soon i will post it…wait for it…

like always, the comments are most welcome!:scream:


Hello my friend…where is that stunning animation?..i can´t wait to see what are you doing!


Here is the bean planet, the transition between the ice escene and the desert escene.

what do you think about it?..any comment?:stuck_out_tongue:

mamcx: the animation will be submited, very soon…right now i´m fixing the sound effects.


Wowow! That planet is so cool! Like the idea and the realisation. On my LCD colours are bit bright. Dunno perhaps just the screen here, but if i were you I add some darkness to the water. Keep it up! Time to move these things :slight_smile: :thumbsup:
Let’s rock :buttrock:


Tremoside: hey thanks!..i glad you like it…and maybe i can change a little the blue of the sea…lets see if i have time for that…the rest om my animation is full rendered, and soud effects too…tomorrow i will upload it…wait for it!:thumbsup:


Wooow! Good to hear you’ll meet with the deadline! Yeeah! Am waiting for that piece so much. So exciting :bounce: :bounce: Bests for the rest of the work!


buddy thats looking gr8!!.. love the super stylized globe… cant wait to see the fnal animation! all the best!!:wavey:


Hey…that planet is so cool…nice desing…good luck!


Hey tanks for that!!! giveme a minute to go to eat something and I’ll be back to comment, I promise!:thumbsup:

Hey I’m back… I needed that!

So poor little skimo is gonna be busy for a long time… I like the bean planet Idea so much! It somehow makes the skimo more appealing to me, he’s like the Little Prince taking care of his whole homeplanet… I’ll suscribe to know whenever you have the animation uploaded!

Felicidades Carlos, gracias por las visitas Y mucha suerte…


Software: 3ds max, After Effects, mental ray, Photoshop, Vue, premiere.

Hello everybody…guess what…i just upload the final render and animation…here is the poster…you can see my animation short “cleanup time”

and i want to thank to : SteevieWoo, Wayne jermaine, Ferx, DaddyMack, Oweron, jasondesigns, mamcx, tnads, subdivmaniac, Tremoside, overcontrast, ania, Versiden, varma, siavashKhodaie, jayf, elmasfeo, medunecer, tinysabya, npantic…for all the kind comments.

Play Video >> (better quality)

you can watch it too, on youtube or download here 33.2MB rar(flv file and .mpg video)


SteevieWoo: glad you like it!..yes poor skimo…is a huge job for him…i wanted something like that. something so fool to do…and cleaning the desrt is it!.

mamcx, overcontrast: yeah the ban planet is a strange desing. iwas eating beans at my lunch time whe i did get the idea…


OMG!..what a cool concept…i love your animation, and the sounds are great, this is very original and new, very strange. good luck to this one my friend!


mamcx: thanks dude…i glad you like it…i think it look like i wanted!:slight_smile:


woooo I saw your animation the other day but I didn’t have the time until now to comment…

Ha… is really fun! the skimo looks all cute sweeping here and there and I like a lot the wobbly effect of the bean planet … makes it look real cool!

Was the doggy at the end a las minute inclusion? I don’t see it in the storyboard and It confused me a bit the fist time I saw the video…

Well you did great Carlos. And on time! you sure put a lot of hard work on this one!

Cheers! and good luck!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


yeah…was a last minute thing. i decided to change the las shot of my storyboard(skimo cryng)…i think that freaky dog is more strange!..cause, is not in the story…it doesn;t have nothing in common with the skimo. i really apreciate your comment, and i glad you like it!:thumbsup:


Hey Carlos, excellent work my friend!! I love your skimo, and what a great animation, really charming and funny!! The details are amazing , the grasshoper on the north pole of bean planet was a really cool touch, and the sand storm on the end was and amazing conclusion for the video, really great FX man!!

Congratulations for this superb animation mate!!! Best of luck… and now is time for well deserved cold beers and many bottles of “agaurdientico” :smiley: Salud!! :beer:


Hey Carlos! Congrats for your final version! And the pet at the end is great! Good luck!


hola Carlos!

good job on the animation!! I liked it a lot, and I agree with mamcx, the bean planet was a very good and original idea… :thumbsup:

congratulations for finishing! :beer:


Well, nice idea! Opposite contexts on the same picture. I did understand your story.


Good Job! Original in style and concept… and I am not bullshiting here. I always was a fan of your entries! Good luck mate :thumbsup: