Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Carlos Eduardo Montoya Cortes


Looks great but you could work the lines on the sand so they dont look so even and maybe make them deeper, at times it looked to me like he’s stannding on a big towell.
All the rest is just neat!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


hey…that looks really cool…and yes, maybe changing the background will look better.


Hello everybody…i was experimenting…and i need to decide, which environment i will use…which you like more?..the new one was thinking to give an more cartoon style, cause the other one wasn´t cartoon and the caracter is cartoon…so…what do you tink?


the second one looks better, but I would try it with shadows turned on, now it looks a bit too flat.


go with no.2, it suits the cartoon character more. It could still use some atmospheric depth tho.:thumbsup:


here is a closeup of other character for my animation…is a simple grasshopper…later i will texturized and rigg it.

i separated all sections in simple colors to split all the parts of the grasshopper…later i will upload other shots.


SteevieWoo, mamcx, Versiden, ania: thanks for the comments!..well…i will use the second one…i still have to improve the shadows and other details for the escene!..

thanks again and the comments are most welcome:thumbsup:


here is the grasshopper…very basic model and textures…i made this simple cause is just a detail…it will not a principal character to my strange behavior

any comment?


the grasshopper is looking very good, I think it keeps the style from the skimo :thumbsup:

Im wondering what story you have in your mind for this small guy lost in the desert, hehe, I’m curious!!


nice job with the grasshopper looks very cool mate!..i want to know too about this strange story…where is the storyboard? :twisted: you have promise that…where is it?:eek:


elmasfeo, mamcx: hello…thanks for the comments…rigth now i have some problems with my storyboard…and my job is taking all my time…i only can to work on this challenge about 2 hours at day…a few time…but i will finish…i always finish all my work!

keep coming and posting!:thumbsup:


Finally, here is the broom for my character…as you see…is a very simple shape…with some hair and nothig more!

any comment?


Hi Bro…

Nice review on!

Good progress…

About your last image, that remind me of witchs! But I think must be less dense because for clean dust is used another kind of broom…

And when you upload the storyboard? Man, don’t be lazy :smiley: .

I hope you refine a bit more the image before run the animation.

Good luck.


As for me, also render 2 looks better… it is smoother…! Though render no 1 have some qualities in details…


Finally…here is my storyboard…and i divide it in 10 principal shots…like this:

  1. the strange behavior logo enters from the right and bounces.
  2. then the ice escene falls from top zoom out, and nobody is there.
  3. then the grasshopper jumps into the escne and sing like grasshoppers do.
  4. the escene gets destroy for transotion to next escene.
  5. a bean planet comes out with only 2 countrys…the pole and the desert.
  6. zoom in into the desert country.And everything goes to wihte.
  7. we see the skimo stand and quiet.
  8. the skimo screams like a mad “A LOT OF DUST”
  9. the skimo begins to sweep like a crazy the desert everywhere.
    10.we see the skimo cryng and “the end” title comes out.

mamcx: there si the story…do you like it?
npantic: the second one will be the one

thanks for the comments.


the storyboard looks great. you have a very cool story for this little one. be careful with time, this will end very soon!


Very strange indeed!

THis should come together really well if your storyboards are any indication melkao, I really like the art style you’ve chosen for this piece too:thumbsup:

Good luck with the home stretch


DaddyMack: What do you mean by that?..i don’t understand very well

mamcx: i glad you like it…and don’t worry about time, i have already a lot of escenes rendered!

all comments are most welcome:thumbsup:


lol… sorry if I was unclear, I just meant I like the story and the boards tell it well


jajaja…lol…sorry my english is not so good…now i get it…i really glad you like it! i’m finishing the final render, then post production…thanks for comment!:thumbsup: