Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Carlos Eduardo Montoya Cortes


siavashKhodaie, varma: thanks for the nice words!..soon i will upload something new:scream:


OK here is a basic setup of the faces that maybe i will need to my character…as you see…ther are not so many, just a few and very simple…i´m using the morpher modifier on max.

Any comment?


Nice morph targets!
No tongue?


ok…the main character is ready…rigged and morphed…now i can to work on the escenary, storyboard and the animal…

any comment?

pd: varma: thanks dude…and yes ther is a tongue. But not in the morphed targets:scream:


hey I really like your idea! a skimo in the desert! This is funny, because my first idea was to put a monkey in north pole (it finally changed a bit :wink:

I also like the way of the design, simple, pure, but I have to say that I’m disappointed by the blend shapes; I thought that you could, with such simple shapes make the character more expressive. :wink:


Hey thanks for your nice words…but sorry…my english is not so good and i don’t understand very well what you mean with “the blend shapes”…be more especific please:sad:


good work melkao!
I think you can make a good animation with this character, it will be funny to see it progress
maybe the white fur on his clothes is too bright, but maybe that will change with the final lights and scenario, I dont know…

ah, and I think jayf is talking about the morph targets, the 8 faces you have…


Well…i think that it looks nice…and the morpher targets too. But the animation needs to be great to get some life an fun to this one


yeah I’m sorry, this is “morph targets”, I think “blend shapes” is used only in maya.


well…for the storyboard…those targets are maybe the only that i will need to the animation…of course, it could have mor and more expresives…maybe later i improve them…for now its just wath i need…thanks to notice that!:scream:

Yeah mate!..son i will show my storyboard…it will be fun!:bounce:

Yeah…he is funny…and will work for to may things…maybe i will use him to other animations…thanks for your nice words!:beer:


The idea of the character cleaning the desert with the mop is great!

Good luck!


Hey , nice character design. Really cool.


Hello everybody…here a second idea for desert…i wat to make something like that…cartoon style non photorealistic…a very simple environment, where the principal escene will be.

tinysabya: Thanks dude…a ilustrator friend helped me for desing him.

medunecer: thanks mate!..the idea come aout reading a comic book…there was a lot of funny things…

Comments are most welcome!:thumbsup:


Cool update Carlos! Are you going to work with the shadows later?
The green color in the background could perhaps use a better hue, IMHO!
Keep up the good work!


Of course…the shadows are just begin!..beside there’s not to much shadows in the desert at sunshine, where my animation will run…but thanks to notice that…i will add some cool shadows to my escene…:bounce:


cool desert!..nice prgress! but that trees in the back well…in desert are not trees!


Hello…here is other update to my animation…when i upload the storyboard you wiil se why this is here.

is just a preview…what you think?

the comments are mos welcome!


Hola Carlos!
Sand dunes and Ice! That’s a combination I really would like to see, side by side!
The haze color on the sky couldn’t be better, and I like the reflection on the Ice!
The total feel of the scene could be put in one single word; Brrrrrr…
I’m really exited to see how you are going to put cold and warm together in a scene!
Sounds like an immense challenge to me! Hehe, actually I wouldn’t even dare to try!
let’s see more!


varma: thanks mate for the comment…well is not a escene, is a secuence…there are various escenes to this animation…i have some details to fix in the storyboard before upload…good luck!:eek:


WEll…along time sice my last update…i have a lot of work to do in my job.

So here is…my skimo in the escenary…but i am thinking to modify a little the background…maybe deleting that mountain and improving the environment ligths…

all comments are most welcome