Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bronwyn Percy


Bronwyn Percy is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Render: How to SAVE a life?


My first sketch of my idea of death trying to save a life. Thinking of changing the angle to a side on view and having dead staff around the the table.


this is just a small screen shot which isn’t to actual size. I have been doing modelliing this for a month now but I have unwrappeed them and they r ready for texture with just the hands that need to be modelled.


this is my latest with basic texturing done i’m now starting to light it


hey, pretty humorous idea. could be pretty funny. i hope you have enough time to do a good job.


here’s my lighting work i am still working on more detailed textures at the moment


here is my latest shot still need work with the lighting and skull needs more work on it too as well as his cloak


here is my final render in HD I am now rendering the animation much smaller in 4:3 ratio needed


ok here is my idea of death trying to save a life.
He’s in a surgery room trying to save a patient.


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,ZBrush

ok here it is the animation for my final render due to time i had to do a smaller version of it.

The scene is in a surgery with “death” as the surgeon trying to save a life it is just a still with a slow truck in of the camera.

Play Video >>


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