Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Brian Anderson


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Latest Update: Modeling: Zbrush body test


Okey Doke, I’m extremely jazzed about this challenge. Here’s a simple character sketch of the main guy in my story.



I saw the topic posted this morning, and I immediately remembered an idea that I’d had a couple months back for a short animation. Basically it’s about a hideous Sphynx cat who would rather live his life as a dog. He dresses is a plastic dog’s skull, sniffs other dogs rears, plays poker, all in a vain attempt to be a dog.

Here’s a concept image that I drew at work this morning:

This is going to be a challenge because I’ve never animated quadrapeds. I threw together a quick skeletal model this afternoon for an animation test and did a very sloppy 4 legged animation. It’s two hours worth of work all together. A very basic rig, mostly FK with IK for the legs (hence the stiffness of the back). Anyone have any tips or tutorials for creating quadraped rigs?


great start on the challenge man.
how long has it been? The journey begins challenge?
damn, what you been up to sinse then?

i think you have a great start here.
I’m not really into animation, so i’ll keep it like the eon challenge.

see ya man.


same here - just a camera move for me at the most :slight_smile: - i’m focusing on modeling for this one but definitely looking forward to people animating :smiley: SHould be fun! I do like that face :thumbsup:


Nothingness - Yeah, it’s been a while. I’ll troll the forums, mostly the HCM challenges, but I’m working 80 hour work weeks. I’m afraid I can be a little ADD-ish with challenges. Hopefully full on animation will keep me motivated.

Intervain - I’ve wanted to do an animated entry for a while. I’m always coming up with new ideas for animations, but can never find the correct forum or practical reason to make them. And voila, the CGSociety just dropped one in my lap. Cheers.


OK, here’s our straight-man. The cat that attempts to be the voice of reason against our Dog-wannabe.


I love the dog wonnabe :slight_smile: great idea, didn’t see similar here! go for it :slight_smile:
I’m waiting for some stuff with third dimension :smiley:


Okay, since this is going to be an animation, there really isn’t any use doing a 3D layout just yet. Here’s the preliminary construction of our main character’s pre Zbrush mesh. Lots of work left.


Not so fast my friend! slow down abit!!:scream: I can’t catch up:D , good start:thumbsup: .


No kidding. I always get REALLY excited towards the beginning, so I ride that adrenaline rush and get more work done. But the thing is, I’m thinking this may end up being a full 3-minute animation with LOTS of dialogue. I just hope I finish this time. :eek: Thanks for the support.



Tomorrow I’ll be busy with work, so I figured I oughta finish off the Pre-Z version of our main cat tonight. He looks a little Chihuahua-ish without wrinkles. Think a Sphynx cat, that’s what I’m going for.

Here’s his head turn-around. Click.

Don’t expect any more updates until Thursday.


Greatconcept ! I love it !
Your sketch is amazing too !
You seem to have find the way so I understand why I saw 3D this morning !


Wow, you work fast!
And I love the idea - both character and story, will follow this with interest.


Fast modeling man.

Only little comment it that there should be like a hole inside the ear. Just cause now there is just the ear-shell on the head.
If you understand what i mean.



Gpepper- Cheers dude. I love modeling, & this is my first try doing something cartoony. Gurilla- Thanks buddy, I hope I can keep up with the rest of the forum.
Nothingness- Thanks. There’s a lot of Zbrush work to do now. Check out these ref images to see what kind of texture I’m going for. And the ear hole will be added in then.



Indeed, the idea is great, and the work on Zb, like the step for the animation part, plane to be interesting.
You’re concept image is really well done, look forward to see more of this project. :thumbsup:


Mouarf ! This is how I felt Saturday morning :scream:

Great concept man, keep modeling! :bounce: I love your style:thumbsup:


Hmm, that dog looks like it’s head got sucked inward onto it’s brain


Bah! I hate displacement maps. So much bloating, so little definition. I’ll need to do a Zbrush screengrab because the displacement map makes it look like he’s covered in mayonaise and really don’t do the sculpture justice. I just may end up going higher rez. Well, either way this was a test. I’ve still got a long time to get this guy finished.