Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bobby Clayton


Well, aside from the initial panic attack, I appreciate the post. Being kept on my toes is never a bad thing.


Hey man you’ve got some nice simple model designs here :thumbsup: You have definitely succeded in giving this old hobo a very cartoonyish (another word for you) look. I’m looking forward to see them dance. May I suggest some graffiti on the walls…and a bit more litter surrounding the old man …the place looks a bit too clean for hobos to be living there. Goodluck mate :smiley:


Thank you blahblah. I agree that there is a definite lack of dirt and grime. I love the idea of graffiti, but since I am leaving almost all of my shaders without color… it might be a challenge to get that to look good. I’ll give it a shot, but I may have to just add trash and the like.


Hey guys, I’ve got an important question for anyone who might know. I’m reasonably sure that the resolution of our finished work has to be 300 dpi and at least 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high… I just did a test render of a single frame with no motion blur… and my very nice machine was only able to do it in 27 minutes.

It is obvious from this render that I need to punch up my textures… a lot of them are not great really close up (pixelated). That’s really not a problem.

The problem is that I will most likely be getting very close to the maximum time alotted for this short. Say its exactly 3 minutes. That’s 5,400 frames. I am only just now getting into animating. This project is due October 29th…

Does anyone know if the 300dpi/huge resolution apply to animations as well as stills?

If so, does anyone have any recommendations on speeding up renders? I know nothing about rendering in passes. I am currently rendering with mental ray (final gather/ray tracing/motion blur will all be applied).

Any help/advice y’all could give would be great.


Okay, never mind… I completely misread the rules… the render requirements are really a lot better than I thought…

>panic attack over<


Well, I’m just popping in to say that I am dropping out of the competition. I’ve had way too many other issues to put any time into the animation, and my understanding of final gather rendering wasn’t up to snuff to take on this project.

Thanks to everyone who provided interest… I’ll be continuing with the project when I can get the time again… :sad:


that is too bad mate…i hope you’ll upload it soon though.


I like your work. It’s realistic and the colour has an important meaning. Good luck!


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