Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bobby Clayton


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): Man Pose


This will be the sketch I will be drawing my characters style from, though I will be making both characters considerably MORE cartoon-like.


This is the start of the environment, as seen from the “average” person’s perspective. Clearly, I am going a slightly twisted and simplistic route with the architecture.

Also, I tend to light things as I model them (since I am using final gather).


Here is the alleyway were most of the scene will be taking place. The sad and secluded home to the hobos.


By the way, my story will focus on two hobos interacting in an odd way at late hours in the night.

Oddly enough, I will be drawing my inspiration from gag reality television… specifically, “So You Think You Can Dance?” Unless you watch the show week after week, most likely no one will guess which dance I will be drawing from, but if you do… shhhh!

Oh, and as a lasting note, I entered this competition because my weakness is animating characters in a realistic fashion… fluidity escapes me. So what better way to get over that issue than animating a dance routine, eh?


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Here are the hobos themselves. Both models are still pretty basic (I don’t want to get TOO intricate). Both are surgically altered pre-existing models, and as such may still need some tweaking to Hobo-ify them better.


I like the lighting you’ve got going in your environment. I think it really sets a good mood to the scene.


This is the rudimentary look that the Man will have in this animation. Like the surrounding structure, I am trying to keep the colors fairly bland/neutral, with the exception being his suspenders. Obviously, there are still some touch ups to be done here, but overall I think this is the look he will be going with.

BTW, the reason for such a long interval between posts is… my first ever Siggraph! Most awesomest experience ever!


Awesome ,the graphics looks like it’s from Wallace & Grommit :slight_smile:


nice idea… If I may convay my honest opinion then I would say the old guy’s model mooks infinished… as in he needs to be more refined, and the lady’s model is a bit too much musculine, you might wanna soften her up. Also the bump map on the Old guys face makes it very ovious that its a bump map … u kno… try looking at some referance images.

enough said… thats just my opinion… other then those i think some more attention to detail will make this a pretty good piece of work… best of luck to ya mate!:thumbsup:


like it so far, a bit simple specialy your models by overall the work is good.:thumbsup:


Well, I actually am going simple on purpose. Do you think it (the modeling) is too simplistic? I agree with the woman, she is far too muscular. She was actually originally a comic book character included in the free models you can download (from CGTalk). She was still in need of cartooning (its a new word) up anyway, so I will most likely be reducing her definition and upping her cartooniness (another new one :). Also, her dress is a syflex dress, so once it conforms to her body and animates, she should look much better (looks very potato sack-ish at the moment).

As to the bump map, bear in mind that this character was a pre-existing one as well, including his bump map (for the skin). However, I have modified the facial features, so some odd wrinkles might appear stretched randomly. Is there something specific about the bump map that just sticks out?

Thank you all for your feedback… hopefully more updates soon.


It works for me. There’s no problem with having simple models and focussing more on the animation. Just look at some the incredible short films that Pixar has made. No, I really like the look of the man. As you say, the woman needs some “cartooning”, but it looks like this is really coming together. Best of luck to you.


This is just a brief pose test… though this is actually how the whole short will start.


This is a shot of the Man in the daylight… the opening scene of the short will be during the day… briefly.


I’ve made a quick change to the man’s glove. It is now a dark green… the original color got lost on his clothing and the building behind him.


nice update, lighting lookng good… but one thing kinda brushed my eye…

I think the challange rule clearly states that no contestents are allowed to use pre existing or third party models of eny sort… so just be care ful… were all here to learn, so if u think u can brush up ur modleing skills then ur in the right place… DIY man DIY!!



no contestents are allowed to use pre existing or third party models of eny sort

I was concerned about this as well. From the beginning, I knew I couldn’t do all of this from scratch (with what I wanted to do), by myself and by the deadline. I knew I needed to a) keep things simple and b) use what resources I had to make things easier on me to concentrate on animating… which as I stated before is the area of my weakness.

Anyway, I thought I had read the rules, and the FAQ’s, to find out exactly what I could do. I thought I could use pre-existing models, so long as everything was carefully credited. This seemed a huge break to me, as I am used to the Hardcore Modeling Challenge Forum, where everything must be from scratch.

Here is what I found when I searched (again) the rules and FAQ’s.

Entries may be inspired by and/or include a range of material from third parties. This is permissible as long as the finished entry is substantially a new work by the entrant(s). The appropriate use of this material in no way diminishes your finished work or the chances of winning. However, failure to correctly credit all inspirations, third party works, team members, actors etc will result in automatic disqualification.

Q: Can I use Poser, Daz 3D or pre-fabricated models?

A: Yes. This is no different from using your own pre-built models or the parametric models now availble in most 3D systems. However you should add significant creative input to make the models and results unique.

These quotes are what make me think I am within the rules when I start with pre-existing models (for the characters). I have edited both to fit what I want, and most everything else in the scene is either my pre-existing work or something I’ve made from scratch.

IF I AM misunderstanding the rules, please do point this out! I will happily attempt to correct the issues presented! Thank your for pointing this out and making me double check… hopefully I am correct, but either way, I’m doing this for myself.

Prizes, however unlikely to receive, are still nice motivators however :bounce:


then everything seems to be fine here… i think i mentioned the previous challange rules… my mishhtake hehe…