Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Whoa you work fast! and really cool style… makes me want to work harder. Keep Going!


hey man…the rigging looks fine…i like the controls that you created…and i can se that you are using vray renderer, am i right?:slight_smile:


I had quite an easy day at my job today, so i continued with this before i get commercial projects to work one… and well, Here is the first render for the exterior enviroment, there are some low poly objects and there are still quite a lot of details to add! this render is made with Vray, physical camera and linear workflow, I rendered this in .exr and edit it a little in Fusion 5… i know i am going around too many variables in the rendering but i like to have a lot of control in the final output. thanks to all for the comments and inspiration, they keep me working =)


The speed is amazing, really looking great, very conisitent style…


the environment look pretty cool…but i think that you still need more strengh to de character


Beautiful visual, congratulations!


Well, here is the next update for the exterior background, since i will be using a lot of compositing to avoid rendering the full frame i can put as much detail as I want so i am going crazy with the polycount in this one, anyways, it wont be too easy but i hope it will work fine.
also i started some time ago roughing up the animation for the first two scenes, you can check the video here:

i still have to clean it quite a lot (since its really hard to me to animate!) but i will give my best shot on this.
that is it for now, any critiques and comments are always welcome!


nice concept man, I can’t wait to see how you put it all together


nice background so far…work the lighting it needs more contrast, just a thought :slight_smile: cant wait to see more.


Here is the first sample of how the format for my short movie, the story will be told as an animated comic book showing diferent sketches of the character doing strange stuff, this thing is proving to be a huge challenge! so many effects, particle stuff, rigging, texturing lighting etc etc that it is almost overwhelming! I might have to cut the full story i wanted to tell because the 2 min animation rule, but those 2 minutes will be very very clean and carefully made… i know the animation is quite rough for now but i wll keep refining it in the coming weeks, but not until i have at least a rough versions for all the scenes done hehe.

the animation is here:

let me know if you have any issue wiewing it =)
and btw, you can see me there, trying to act like a drunk crocodile to get at least a base for the timing (wich is of course still quite off…)
Good Luck with your entries!



hey, long time without being able to work in this little guy, but finally i managed to get myself to work on him hehe, it seems i will have to cut short the original lenght of the idea i had for this guy, but I still think it might be quite fun hehe
this is a test for some materials and stuff around the scene, and one of the shots that will be on the final version… i will be working in the modelling a little bit more to make it more stylized but at least i wanted to show you that i haven`t forgotten about this haha. good luck with all your entries!


I like the animation, but in my opinion the animation part with the ballet tutu it’s not fine.
the alligator seems be to move more slow.

mas bien queria decir que esa parte de la ani se ve menos fluida, pero el ingles y yo no nos llevamos bien… :frowning:


Wow, this is a fabulous entry! Great modelling and lighting, I especially like the environment! It will be great to see the finished piece!


frankitu: hey, si es que animar personajes no, no es lo mio… de hecho esa parte del ballet va a quedar solamente como una serie de fotografias pegadas en un àlbum para contar la historia. haha, eventualmente podria animarlo pero seria un gran dolor de cuello.

well, animating characters is not my thing, that shot with the tutu will be just still renders, pasted in a picture album to tell the story hehe

DrFx: thanks for your comment, I think Cunga (the character) looks a little strange on this enviroment because everything is too realistic… but i will try to change either the character or the enviroment hehe.
good luck to all!



dude that is looking sweet! the lighting and the elligator is so funny lol… grt8 update… will b waiting to see more updates soon… keep working mate!!:thumbsup:


My poor aligator was looking at me from a printed poster I had on my wall and i felt guilty for not working on it during all this time (too much other projects to complete!!!) I know the deadline of the contest is coming, but making it deserves at least to have something finished at the end hehe
anyways this might be quite a rush time, but i am sure it will be fun… so… read you on the next updates!


well, i am going nuts with the speed here haha, too many things to do, this is the intro for the short, in the image below there is a sample of how the animation will look, since i dont have enought time to animate all the scenes, i will be telling the story trough still images, so the camera will be floating around this bamboo frames, and some of the images inside them will be animated, there are in total 16 takes accordingly to my schedule… so… let get working and less writing!
good luck to all!


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Digital Fusion,Photoshop,VRay

This is the story of Cunga, the dancing pink cocodrile… after his first failures he took another way of life, and after the disapointment of being at the top of the world, makes an insane decition to fulfill his destiny!

Play Video >>

So finally i finished my entry! there was a lot of work during the last week, but at the end i liked it, i hope you like it too! i have to go and see my GF now, (haven´t been able to see her in a while because of this… haha) anyways, good luck with all your entries!!


Congrats on the final animation buddy… u did a nice job… all the best!


FANTASTIC… I LOVE THIS WORK… Diferent idea and presentation.

Good Luck!!