Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Hey, I had some time to finish the body of this guy, also made some test for the rigging and everything seems fine hehe, i will keep posting updates, stay tuned =)


Hey, above is the last update-- modelling almost done and i am quite happy with him now hehehe,

: thanks! now that it is on 3d it will be amaizing to see him move hehe
lemasterjg: hehe i am a little nuts and this cocodrile is an expresion of that crazyness hehe, i am going to make sure all the world fits the style of this guy, it will be quite crazy =)
Joblh: badass, crazy and a little dumb, that´s this croc hehe.
Dogman3d: thanks for your comment, the whole short will be very funny (i hope hehe)

well, thanks for your posts, they are inspiring to keep me working! now i have to get back to the normal work but i want to get this guy rigged as soon as i can =)

good luck with your entries!


Hola Bernando, me encantan tus personajes, y sobre todo tus bocetos…
Jamás tendría tanta paciencia en dibujar algo con ese colorido para un boceto…
como verás los mios son a lo justo porque prácticamente los tengo en la cabeza… y a veces los cambio continuamente.

En fin, muchas felecidades por tu trabajo… y mucha suerte…

La imaginación es lo único que no se compra… puedes tener mucho equipo que si te falta lo principal… como que no… (ojo que po lo que veo no es tu caso… hahahaha)

un saludo.



Here is the first render for a set that will be used in a couple of scenes in this animation, i have to work on the storyboard so you can have a better idea on what´s going to happen to this guy, but i am having a nice time modelling this hehe.


looks good, I like the lighting

the saw is in the wrong direction


lol…the saw is in the wrong direction…i didnt notice
great concept…i love your enviroment sketch


Hey hehe, next time i will choose another frame, the saw is in the right direction, but the cut is right behind it, that thing is already animated and i am working to get the skinning of the character done to put it in the scene and start animating–

este es mas como un concurso de creatividad haha, se pondrá realmente bueno esto, en fin me pase un rato haciendo los sketches para convencerme de que valia la pena pasar todas mis tardes pegado en la computadora (ademas de las 8 horas obligatorias del curro) haha, asi que como si me gusto la idea pues aqui ando hehe.

good luck and thanks for your posts =)



i really like ur lighting on that environment!!!:cool:


yeap… the lighting is really really cooolll.

can’t wait to see more. :thumbsup:


funny concept , be careful with the direction of the saw, it is in the wrong way, cause if you ar cutting something the tooth should be in the oposite direction of the “cutting edge”…


hey,…cool idea…nice drawings!


I wanted to say that your lighting in the enivorment scene is very nice and moody! It’s rare to see anything like that in an artwork nowadays. I like it very much!:love:


Hey, here is the latest update, i got this guy rigged and i got some basic morph targets in the face done, i will have to start animating this sometime soon.

This enviroment is inside his house and it will change as the story develops in this short, I will be modelling props in the coming days. and i hope to have something nice to show soon!


I love the color palette your using. I could afford to see a lot more detail in the gator and the egg, like your initial drawings, but this may still be an early stage.


nice character…but still need work the environment…you are going in the rigth way.
keep going


I like your character alot… I was wondering about the story behind your concept…


well, i am 90% done with the rigging and the morph targets for this little guy, i just tought it would interesting for you to see (and if you have some suggestions it would be nice hehe) for my setup for the rigging and the controls i made for the facial expressions, wire paramenters are very usefull and now i wont have to go to the modifier thousands of times while animating to make this guy blink hehe


Here are some renders of this guy in different poses, I actually named him “Cunga” -this is actually one of my neighbors nickname and i tought the name fits quite good for this Croc hehe

I am working now on the technical and visual storyboards for the short, the story behind the movie will be that even if you have a “strage behavior” you can make very intense things and make it to the top of the world!
I suppose it will be clearer after i upload the storyboards…


This is looking very good, Full of character and life.
You work very fast, very inspiring, I love how things are coming along, can’t wait to see more.


I love the degree of character in his body language. Awesome job so far.