Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Bernardo Arroyo Lindig is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Render: A crocodile named Cunga


Well, i am really happy to enter this challenge, and the theme is amazing! so much freedom to make all the weird stuff coming from our twisted minds =)
anyways, these are just some sketches of an idea, an alligator who was very uncommon and with a combination of great ideas and bad ideas, anyways… since they began filming it on the Alligator reality show “in the jungle channel” he has been amazing audiences for a long long time until its plans to take over the world started to work…

i might make some more sketches and then start with the modelling of this little guy… let´s see what will happen, it will be really fun!


hey hey hey! how are you dude! long time no see! glad to see you again ! concept is very cool ! wait for super high detail and GI rendering! good luck


that crocodile creeps me out…but in a good way…


NEAT!!! The acme rocket packs and the ballerina crocodile, not to mention the carrot munching, very Warner-Bothers which is so nostalgic. Great work.


hahaha I barely could sleep last night thinking on this project, i am going to have so much fun making it, and i hope you can have some fun watching this thread too!

monsitj:yes man! it was a long long time since we met each other (if i remember well, it was at the deathfall contest right?) i am going to watch your thread very very carefully, you always make awesome stuff!

theblackmage: well, that crocodile is little bit freaky, it must look between scary and dumb, it will be a challenge specially on the morph targets for the face but it will be a nice chance to learn.

lemasterjg: yes, i am taking some inspiration from the coyote and the roadrunner cartoons from WB and some more modern cartoons (but i have to be carefull because in some sketches it looks like a pokémon wich IS NOT the idea haha)

well, i am going to draw a big image for the concept art, (wich i might post in the illustration category) draw the concepts for the croc and eventually start modelling… i will keep you updated!

good luck!


cool sketches

reminds me a bit of a children poem about a duck which did everything the other way around (and ended up in a cooking pot, where it became a rabbit)

especially I like the one in the egg (although the main actor isn’t visible there)
keep it up


Ha, love the vegetarian crock image, very funny idea.


Here is the first concept for the enviroment where almost all the action in this short will happen, i will be drawing the main concept for the character and some storyboards too. this one was made between painter and photoshop in around 1.5 hours or so. I hope you like it =)


Oh wow! I really like your environment concept. Very nice work, I look forward to seeing it in action!


hehe cool idea mate.:slight_smile: and great sketch there …nice color combination.


thanks for your comments, if everything goes as expected i will be making an entire short film with this character, i am a little worried because my character animation skills are a little rusty hehe but is there any other way to keep learning than practice??
anyways, i will give my best effort to get something great =)
Ania: yes, the story is loosely based on that idea, but with a touch of originality, wich i think will make the animation very funny. and the egg idea is only the first hint of how strange is this cocodrile.
jporter313: thanks for your comment, i will have a lot of fun modelling that scene, i hope you like when its finished
Chiko: i want to make an original style for the visuals on this short, tough it will be a challenge to match the colorfull look in cg
ihamind: thanks for your comments!

ok, i have a question… in english what´s the diference between a crocodile and an aligator?? because i am not sure wich one is this guy hehe
and well, i hope i can make a ot of new friends around here and i truly apprecite all your comments, i will send more updates soon!

good luck



the pot smoking alligator would fit just right in this environment… you could add some water there too and the hunter full of surprise… great sketches… good luck


Hey! here is the final concept for this guy, i had to make a lot of sketches and rescue each part i liked on each one and put this drawing together.
Now it will come the fun part 3D!! hehe, i must draw the modelling references and start giving life to this character hehe


I say " excellent " !
Just great concept and amazing sketches ! Can’t wait to see it in 3D !


cool sketches
I’m waiting for continuing
Good luck


Crocodiles with rapid fire shotguns
floating eyebrows
.what is this world coming to? Very nice I look forward to see the models and textured versions.


very nice idea dude, one way or another this croc’s gonna be badass :thumbsup:


well, here is the first render of this little guy, i like to work in the modelling and shaders at the same time to save as much time as i can hehe
I think there will be some changes here and there on the face too, now i must get myself to work to finish the body and start with the enviroment and the props, lots of work to do, but lots of fun too!


LOL! Your aligator is very funny!