Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bartosz Bialek


I’m working real hard now I just want to show you some stills from my latest test renders


another few stills!!!


I like your general concept. Good work!


Software: 3ds max,Blender

I made it- I’ve been rendering nonstop since friday but it’s finally done!!
I hope you like it
Animation was made in blender (concept basic modeling )// 3ds max ( v 5 and 8 - animation final render)

It’'s basically a short movie I thought it would be the best to tell whole story not just a piece.

For purpose of this conctest rendered over 9400 frames and havent sleept for like 50 hours :wink:
It was a great pleasure to participate in this one

I’'m planning to add sound/music (unfortunetally i haven’t managed to do it yet) and thenn post it again :slight_smile:
Hope you like it

(you may experience frame by frame showcast on a slower pc’s
25 fps
3.30 sec


Play Video >>


VIDEO LINK MISSING (dont know why ) so



OK I can see video in my entry page - men I almost freaked out uploading this one. One hour before deadline 6 days nonstop rendering and 10 hours of editing it was close ufffffffffffffffffffffffffff Thank you all my friends for yuor support and visiting it was not only a great lesson for me but a milestone fot me. After my pc burned during storm I thought it’s all lost .If it hasn’t been for good people at CGS ( expandinmg deadline Thanks!!!) …But I knew i had to finish it so here it is! :slight_smile:

sorry for crappy quality but uploader didn’t wanted my bigger / better quality version ( this was a moment I almost lost my mind for the first time)
But as it’s said it’s not the most important :wink: ( I hope)


Watch it in dark!

p.s 2

I’ll post audio version as soon as I compose music etc


i’m not sure your video got uploaded properly. i don’t see a “play video” link.


I guess it has??

Is there somethink I should worry about ?


that is strange that the “play video” link doesn’t show up. good thing you have that other link so people can view it.
i love that transformer dog. that was totally sweet. would have liked to seen some close-ups of that taking place. looked pretty complex.


I’m checking it Video is on an entry site but no link in here - i Thought staff add it manually??
anyway what bothers me most is quality size limit for cguploader I tried to upload 100 500 and 30 mb versions but I failed i got some “peer write error” massages that’s why It’s only 9 mb now and poor quality - I think this must be changed next time I’ll post HQ version soon via youtube

I didn’t have time to post any more wips due to rendering but I’ll do it soon !


youtube HQ version

Now you can see bugs and details clearer :wink:


Hah! that was funny man:D



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