Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bartosz Bialek


Gosh, I hopw you know what you’re doing :slight_smile: I see a huge huge amount of work… But if you manage to do it for sure it will be worth it, so good luck!
the puppu loog firendly and nice so far, I’m waiting for next stuff :slight_smile:


hey dude , this is going to be a BIG one :scream: . good luck with it , cause it’s a lot of work to do.
the puppy is a realy nice model.realy funny :applause:

cheers !


awwwww uber-cute!


I just wanted to share with you with my latest progress in fur shader development for my puppy. I’m close to what I want and technically can achive. It’s just a shader test so it’s missing textures etc.


@varma Thanks!! i’ll give you more as fast as I can i’m on the stage when you sit like a dummy on a chair and watch test renders how things behave when you give or take some extra 1% parameter here on there. Men …every contestant should be given a tech dir for this kind of job…
@arturro Thank’s! I’m sure it’ll be worth the more demanding the more it will… Fortuetally i’m getting aware of how “big” this appears to be just about now and I hope to work hard enaugh not to fail
@AndreiSzasz : cheers to you too!! I think I could cut one shot per every reminder of how much work is ahead and waiting :wink:
@Intervain - thank’s Maggie :smiley: :love:


I started modeling of the bull terrier. It’s close to final Now I will optimise it for animation a bit.


Here’s a rooster for one of my shots
model + sample shading


Hey Bartosz!

Some more chickens I can see :slight_smile:
Nice cartoony models, simple and low poly, nice easy to skin.

Good luck!


Thanks! This one is all about the fun. There are different than ultragiga high-poly models kind of tasks this time!


nice animals. Maybe the 1st dog need more extrude on the ears that are very flat ?
Good luck.


I like your second dog even better! Watching the edgeflow you have laid, I don’t think
you will have any problems animating him!
I agree about the comment on the ear!

Good luck rigging!


Thanks friends!
@authentic - the ears will be bend (broken) .Atm they are set this way for rigging I’ll rig characters by the end of next week
@ I hope you’ll like his updated version I gave him bigger eyes to make him more expressive
Animation will be a pure fun . Now I’m making some R&D to make my workflow max efficient


Another characters incoming! … one more to go.


This is a parto of things I’ve been working for a while.
First you can see my grass shader
Displace + color map
Next is a sand geometry + shaders for closeups .Sand is particle generated
There are 25000 grains per sq meter.


last few weeks was a bit crazy . Thunder storm burned my old PC :frowning: than I had to leave the country for a month but I don’t surrender! I’ve been working for a while now. I know there is little time but I’ll try
On this image you can see main scenery of the aniation house and surrounding area


Ok here’s my house and cottage
all bricks and tiles was placed manually to get it right - it was the most challenging part of this entry so far (especially for my right hand)


I finished my characters - they are now shaded textured and rigged
Now it’s time for a fun thing - animation
Hope I can make it :wink:


Hello!! Thank’s CGT crew for extra 2 weeks - this is exactly what I need UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

here’s some snapshots from 1st take


Nice render…

now you have these weeks… i hope you can finish this great project.


Thanks for support I do hope that too!! Now I’m havinga nonstop works going on. Luckily the funny part - animation.