Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bartosz Bialek


Another characters incoming! … one more to go.


This is a parto of things I’ve been working for a while.
First you can see my grass shader
Displace + color map
Next is a sand geometry + shaders for closeups .Sand is particle generated
There are 25000 grains per sq meter.


last few weeks was a bit crazy . Thunder storm burned my old PC :frowning: than I had to leave the country for a month but I don’t surrender! I’ve been working for a while now. I know there is little time but I’ll try
On this image you can see main scenery of the aniation house and surrounding area


Ok here’s my house and cottage
all bricks and tiles was placed manually to get it right - it was the most challenging part of this entry so far (especially for my right hand)


I finished my characters - they are now shaded textured and rigged
Now it’s time for a fun thing - animation
Hope I can make it :wink:


Hello!! Thank’s CGT crew for extra 2 weeks - this is exactly what I need UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

here’s some snapshots from 1st take


Nice render…

now you have these weeks… i hope you can finish this great project.


Thanks for support I do hope that too!! Now I’m havinga nonstop works going on. Luckily the funny part - animation.


I’m working real hard now I just want to show you some stills from my latest test renders


another few stills!!!


I like your general concept. Good work!


Software: 3ds max,Blender

I made it- I’ve been rendering nonstop since friday but it’s finally done!!
I hope you like it
Animation was made in blender (concept basic modeling )// 3ds max ( v 5 and 8 - animation final render)

It’'s basically a short movie I thought it would be the best to tell whole story not just a piece.

For purpose of this conctest rendered over 9400 frames and havent sleept for like 50 hours :wink:
It was a great pleasure to participate in this one

I’'m planning to add sound/music (unfortunetally i haven’t managed to do it yet) and thenn post it again :slight_smile:
Hope you like it

(you may experience frame by frame showcast on a slower pc’s
25 fps
3.30 sec


Play Video >>


VIDEO LINK MISSING (dont know why ) so



OK I can see video in my entry page - men I almost freaked out uploading this one. One hour before deadline 6 days nonstop rendering and 10 hours of editing it was close ufffffffffffffffffffffffffff Thank you all my friends for yuor support and visiting it was not only a great lesson for me but a milestone fot me. After my pc burned during storm I thought it’s all lost .If it hasn’t been for good people at CGS ( expandinmg deadline Thanks!!!) …But I knew i had to finish it so here it is! :slight_smile:

sorry for crappy quality but uploader didn’t wanted my bigger / better quality version ( this was a moment I almost lost my mind for the first time)
But as it’s said it’s not the most important :wink: ( I hope)


Watch it in dark!

p.s 2

I’ll post audio version as soon as I compose music etc


i’m not sure your video got uploaded properly. i don’t see a “play video” link.


I guess it has??

Is there somethink I should worry about ?


that is strange that the “play video” link doesn’t show up. good thing you have that other link so people can view it.
i love that transformer dog. that was totally sweet. would have liked to seen some close-ups of that taking place. looked pretty complex.


I’m checking it Video is on an entry site but no link in here - i Thought staff add it manually??
anyway what bothers me most is quality size limit for cguploader I tried to upload 100 500 and 30 mb versions but I failed i got some “peer write error” massages that’s why It’s only 9 mb now and poor quality - I think this must be changed next time I’ll post HQ version soon via youtube

I didn’t have time to post any more wips due to rendering but I’ll do it soon !


youtube HQ version

Now you can see bugs and details clearer :wink:


Hah! that was funny man:D



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