Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Bartosz Bialek


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Latest Update: Final Render: a CANDY


What a nice start of a day. I love the topic - it’s best ever and i want to have the best fun ever.
I’ll express my idea later on
good luck everyone !!!:bounce:


nice to see you!:slight_smile:


hey i’m ealy glad to see you in this challenge.
loocking forward to see the concept :thumbsup:


Great to see you here Bartosz :slight_smile: Will be following your progress on this one as well - awesome theme I agree!:thumbsup:


So, I see the PL invasion goes well.
That will be a great challenge.

Good luck Bartosz.


Yeah the PL invasion starts hhahahaaah!

Good luck Bartek!


yap, this one be a polish victory :slight_smile: no doubt ! so keep it up boys (and most powerful girl in our team :twisted:)


Dude! So glad to be doing this again with you:D


Thanks Friends!!
@alvin-cgi :slight_smile: i’ts always nice to see some veterans
@ AndreiSzasz : I’m working hart to provide one Thanks friend!
@ Intervain : great! I hope my work won’t dissapoint you If I do don’t hesitate to tell it!! :slight_smile:
@ deli-rium ,Nomad , arturro that’s soooo true. We have to keep the bar high !!
@ DaddyMack I’m just proud too thank’s and let’s do it!!

I decided to make my own short animation
It will be titled “Candy” I’m not sure if you want to see whole script , the “finale” will be kept clasified untill finish i guess!
I’ll show you my protagonists / inspirations




more to come!!


aggresive dog fights with the poodle for the candy, bad dog is very danger and poodle is very sweet, but poodle fights:) bad dog becomes more bad by changung his head into monster like (mask movie effect:)), but poodle transofrms into a big robot and kicks bad dogs in the a_s :slight_smile: but during this fight small ants take the candy away :slight_smile:

am I close :)?

nice idea, but a hell of work. I hope you will manage to do it! whatever it will be :twisted:


hehe Great theory!! respect men!! I hope I’ll make it a bit more strange and odd!! :slight_smile:

I built a basic light/shadow/shader rig for movie that gives me a sense of cartoon look i want Now I’m finishing the script and making list of shots and props needed. You’re right it looks like a hell of work so developing fast and efficient pipeline is cruical now.


Hallo :bounce: any flowers this time? :slight_smile:


heloooooooow girl!! that’s for sure and I promise you will se a lot of fur in here !!
thaaaaaaaaaanks :slight_smile: and have a fun!


My movie will be titled “candy” and i’m not going to tell you what it is about untill it’s finished . There’d be no fun !! But the script is written Ii has 49 shots grouped into 4 scenes.I will post it in the end. There’s a lot work to be done so let’s get started. Here are sketches of my protagonists. Little robo-puppy ant and it’s monster , doggy and alien ship. As you may noticed it’s very raw atm . As I’m alone on this project I don’t need detailed concepts so I won’t waste my time on them All I need is now in my mind… You’ll see it later


double post


I started the modeling stage. Here’s the puppy. Now I’ll have to resolve the greatest task - how to create fur, proper for this kind of breed. And then control it during animation.


Nice start on the puppy. Are you going to make some cool morphs for it?


Thank you - yes i’ll use a mix of bone and shape morph animation. Now i’m having hard time with fur development…


That Puppy is soooo cute! Adorable, Insecure looking eyes and cure limbs!
more!!! :slight_smile: