Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Arumugam


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: look and feel


Hi All,

I would like to welcome all viewers and artist to this contest and I am thrilled to start my thread.

Pls give your comments, and check regularly for the updates, 61 days to go…

I have started making my troll model,
Just have a look.
I would post my rough sketches later,
as they have to be scanned. ( have to purchase one)


that’s good:thumbsup: .
i think this model with texture can be great.
go on my friend.:bounce:


Very good start and great model! It looks like you are off to a great start!
Keep up the good work!


Thank u siavash Khodaie for the greetings , yha ! i am kind of bloking out my rough over all look and the strange behavior stuff…

Thank you very much for droping in varma, lots of energy comes from you guys, keep commenting, and watch out…


I am up to heavy body stuff ,…

pls post your commands.


the back will have more bumpy, i guess,
check out the side view…


back mesh tapology


From here I need to be very choosy to stick with the idea, which i would post in couple of days…


I am working on both Max8 and Maya7, for uv i prefer Max pelting for complex regions, another couple of week would be for painting I suppose…

thanks for visiting,


I like his bodybuild very much and the sword and helmet are very good modeled!
Which of those programs you mentioned is your primary modeling and shading
Package, if I may ask?
Good luck!


Hi varma,

got to thank u man as for the regular reviews,
varma your thread looks geat…just Iam enjoying your posts and creative evolution.

Sure you can know my favorites…

Maya for Modeling,
Maya for shading,
Max for rendering.

But now a days i am using zbrush in which i like zshere modeling, which sort of give me more faster results, in a less time period, thats kinda new favorite for me…

just i can`t wait to detail my model.
watch out for the updates…


great modeling friend:buttrock: . i think you can make ideal character with good texturing and shading.


hi siavashKhodaie ,

                    thanks, I am dumped with all my domestic, official, inspirational..etc...etc

      hope, i  will be back soon, by the way. i regulaly watching...yours , comming up nice.


hey nice creature ur building there… really solid modeling… keep going… wud love to know the story concept for the animation… keep up the good works!:thumbsup:


y ha i am doing some sketches, to fix some parts, have a look and comment on it, hope i got to do more…
happy week end to u all.


Cool sketch! I like the build and the armour design!
Would like to see it in polygons!


very good friend:scream: .
you add muscle? i think this character need muscle and perofessional Character Setup.
good luck friend:thumbsup: .


Thanks varma,

Actually i am not a 2d guy,
and i was always fond of sketching,
your appreciation means lot yo me.

Sagar post me your entry if u r in.

and good luck to u too… Keep watching , and post your sugessions, I am really gonna add muscle to the troll…

c u guys.
have a nice week end.


hi friend:thumbsup: .
that’s great. i think like saghar. this character need muscle. you see warcraft’s orcs? those chararacters have very good character animation. i think you can create very good animation.
good luck friend:scream: