Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: antipode


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Latest Update: Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Courageous Crustaceans


This is the movie poster for the up coming short Courageous Crustaceans.


Software: After Effects,Maya

In a prehistoric ocean two Crustaceans find themselves at the bottom of the foodchain in the game of survival. But cartoon antics could save their shells and make them one of Darwin’s favorite survivors.

This short film is due out this summer and is part of a series of short films called “Primoridal Soup.” The series deals with the evolution of cartoon characters.

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very very nice!! strong start keep up all the good work… how many on your team?

p.s. movie was cool lol



I started out with six artists, but I’m down to 2 now, so I may be a bit behind schedule for a summer release. I’m also posting things a bit backwards, but I should have the concept art up soon.


This is a line concept drawing of the lobster character for Courageous Crustaceans by Shawn Gibson. The model render will come soon.


These are the trilibite designs by Barry Iremonger for Courageous Crustaceans.


This is a story board I did for the basic idea of the story. There will be a lot more action that I have comped into the animatic.


Software: Maya

This is the animatic with voice tracks. The basic idea is that these two shellfilsh get attacked by a giant skidlike creature and in the end they twist up the tentacles into balloon toys.

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Didn’t saw there were another crustaceous project :scream:
Good luck. Nice job so far.


Oh is there another Crustacean Project. I didn’t know.


Don’t worry antipode the story is completely different. The main characters are human :scream:


These are the color version of the story boards.


Well here it is my final trailer. I hope to render the entire short soon.
Thanks to all who helped on this.

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Software: Maya

This is the animatic for the entire short. I’ll only have the first half doen for the trailer.
I’m currently revising the shots in the trailer.

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I’ve moved this over to the ‘Animation’ category, where it belongs :slight_smile:


Was this a group entry? It’s only got one team member officially listed (that I can see) but you’ve mentioned having other artists involved.


Yes, it is a group. AnnaSheila Paul, Dean Kawada, and Michael DePalma are part of the team as well as myself


Unfortunately, this means that since it’s not based on the screenplay, it isn’t able to compete in the judging. (Team ‘Animation’ entries are disallowed, and ‘Short Film’ entries must be based in some way on the given screenplay).

(This won’t affect any individual entries based on the animation, if there are any, just the animation itself)


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