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Latest Update: Modeling: Lockers


I entered the short film category at first not realizing that this was actually where I needed to be. :slight_smile:

Oh well…this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. Something cool for me to work on during the summer and going into the fall.

Right now, I’m not actually sure what I’m going to make so I’ll have to spend a few days researching “exactly” what I want to produce. I’d rather take a few days and nail that down then switch gears midstream.

There are a plethora of reasons for me entering this contest,l but a few of the top hitters are:

  1. Developing my storyboard skills
  2. Developing my lighting skills
  3. The continuous developing of my animation skills
  4. The continuous developing of my modeling skills
  5. Learn some new tips and techniques from the more seasoned pro’s and hobbyists
  6. Develop better storytelling techniques and character acting through facial modeling

Good luck to everyone entering. I am even anxious to see what I come up with.

[color=Orange]Oct 29th? C’mon … I can finish that…right? [/color]:twisted:


Ok I’ve spent the last day thinking of ideas for a small short that would fit under the theme “Strange Behaviors” and also be doable within the time alloted. So here is what I came up with

           [b]High School Maintenance man turns into a heroic bug zapper after hours.[/b]
         [b]The back story[/b]
           Our hero is fighting the good fight against student size bugs that live in the walls of the high school. Once the school clears out for the day and the night falls, these bugs start to come out of the lockers and roam the halls. There mission in life is to wreak havoc and chaos by littering which in turn causes more work for our poor maintenance guy.
         [b]Our Hero[/b]
           By day he is just your average run of the mill janitor. Come nightfall, our hero changes into his special gear which features high tech industrialized everything. He has a super nuclear charged vacuum cleaner that sits on his back. Access to advanced state of the art weapons like an automatic plunger machine gun, to a utility belt with a plethora of strange and unusual utilities just to name a few.
         [b]The Short[/b]
             The actual animation will start with our hero at the end of the hall hearing noises in the lockers. Our hero will then enter his maintenance closet and pop out fully darned in all of his glorious gear. At this point he will proceed to walk down the hall zapping the bugs with an array of strange weapons. At the end of the hall our fearless hero will have the ultimate showdown with the granddaddy of them all

the big bad and nasty bug leader.

             More or less this is going to (hopefully) be a funny but [b]strange [/b]parody within the world of midnight maintenance men. In regards to design, I will probably lean more towards a pixarish cartoony style instead of photo realistic. 
           Now I just need to start some preliminary sketches of the hero, the bugs and his gear. This seems like it would be kind of fun to try and pull off. :)


This is a quick and dirty 3D preViz of what I’m visualizing. The final animation will definitely have creatures peeking out of lockers and whatnot. There is a lot more I want to add. Just hoping the idea is coming across.


Working on trying to get a feel for the style of lockers that I want. Depending on time I may create some dirty textures to show worn paint etc…maybe even some stickers :slight_smile:


concept os looking good mate… keep up the good works…:thumbsup:


overcontrast - Thanks, still a looong way to go yet :smiley:


Ha Ha! This is awesome, I can’t wait to see where you go with this! Baron


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