Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anna Celarek


it should slowly go down and then suddenly jump to scare the cat


ah! i had the right feeling… :slight_smile: … i think there millions of ways to do this and your poses look right to me. prolly snappy, cartoony motion is the right type of style for your great characters, as you did with the cat:

so i’d tighten the timing

try to led it go down and up in very few frames, 2-5 for example. the going down is to slow and the up to fast. put in a hold, when it first comes down,… let her snarl or something, but not to much action at a time, the movement of the ears is also great. then suddenly pop it up again andshake its head and hands very fast,…

you will get more and more feeling of what your character will act and behave as you move on with animation, and get a better feeling of how fast and slow something has to bee. and what i always do is search a lot of reference movies, and act it out like a weirdo in my room :wink:

keep up the hard work, you’ll get it! looking forward to your next animations :slight_smile:


mmm the anticipation seems a bit too linear for me… the right leg lifting up slowly along with the upper body and right arm all at the same time doesn’t seem to work so well… maybe you could try a motion from the bottom up… meaning, hmm how do i explain… you know how cats stalk their prey(?) they sit quietly, and you can see subtle movements from the lower body adjusting their hind legs and then their upper body and fore legs, and then bam! never know what hit em’… this way there’s distribution from different parts of the body separately… you can use the added movement to the ears and tail you have along with it… lol i use a cat as an example for a rat animation… :smiley:


I continued with the surrounding. This is the tree onto which the cat will escape.
I’m not sure yet what to put into the background, any ideas?



for the cat jump animation, you’re missing an anticipation pose before the jump. Before the jump it should move down, bent knees… then lift off

hope it helps


Software: Blender

Versiden - I’ll try to do it, thanks.

I put all together for the first time.
still many things to change.
please give me some advice.
It’s very low quality now because I wanted a short render time.

Play Video >>


lol very funny idea… nice animation… but if I may give my critiques, I would cay the camera angles and camera animation is distracting the actual action. I would suggest you to minimize the camera movement and put more focused on story telling and layout composition. If u suddenly flip the direction of the camera within a sequence then it will look a bit odd and in ur animation u only seem to have one sequence right now… (its not a rule of thumb but it is concidered to keep the camera angle squential in trems of movent, and in fast action u can cut to very wide renge of camera action) so be careful with camera movement.

You keep up ur good works… c ya around mate:thumbsup:


Hehe Good work Anna…You going good animation.Very Funny…:thumbsup:


Software: Blender

thanks for the comments
I tried to change the camera movement, now it moves much less.
I’m not sure if I cut too often.
Now I’ll try to improve each of the cuts.
now I see that I forgot to paste the sequence when the mouse looks up the tree, but animation of that part didn’t change since the last time.

Play Video >>


another fix of the first scene. Play Video >>


Very nice and slick animation! You have a very unique graphic style!
The movements of the cat are really well-studied and good!
Keep up the good work!


edit: error with uploading the file.


I refined the mouse animation at the beginning

Play Video >>


Hey Ania! -Really enjoyed your creepy kitty jittery facial eye animation! Made me laugh!


still many things to fix
comments are welcome


Wow! The animation is growing really well… it literally made me laugh out loud

Congratulations on some awesome blendering too


I agree with DaddyMack, it really comes out really good! Will be here to see how it will go with the textures and environment! Liked your very fine level of cartoonizing the cat!


Nice stuff Anna! Agree with the others! Makes me laugh too! Sometimes i feel the camera is too “movey”. Less floating could help. Especially when you see from cat’s eye. But it’s gonna be awesome. Just keep tweaking! Congrats for this progress!



really cool job…has potential…very strange behavior!..keep going!:thumbsup:


Great job on the characters and the anim so far. I love the shot of the cat trembleing in the tree, fantastic.