Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anna Celarek


Really beautiful work - love that texturing style!


Really a strange behavior for a cat! hehehehehe! Love your concept!

Good luck!



Looks great… comin along nicely!

Love the mouse!:thumbsup:


it’s rigged, trying out some poses (should look shocked)
no facial expression yet (except for opening mouth and ears)
software: blender


LOL! This cat is so funny! I love it!



I’m trying to animate it.
it’s my first animation, so I have some problems. especially there’s some jump inbetween and I don’t know why. I hope the next one is better.


hey ania

having problems to download your animtest. Why you´re not using CG Challenge Uploader to upload as FLV files? Nice concept and progress so far! Good luck.


same here… i wants to sees somes animations!! :scream:


yes I just noticed, my webpage is down
now I’ll try to find out how to make a flv file


it´s easy as 1,2,3 :slight_smile: I did use Riva FLV encoder last challenge without a single problem with uploading.


Nice! The texturing work just as well when animated - this will become a killer entry :thumbsup:


yeah i noticed there was a pop, and on the way down, the cat seems a bit floaty… gotta go back in there and tweak those splines… :thumbsup:


Software: Blender

ok another try
I remade it meanwhile, although it’s still not right
I don’t know why there’s the Eon logo over it, in the uploader it said strange behaviour.

Play Video >>


wah. you can upload vids in the CG server for this contest? and here i was having to go to youtube… :wise:

the fall looks better than the first one… i’d fix the tail a bit, but since this is just a test(?) then it looks good… :thumbsup:


yes you can :slight_smile:
I used the super decoder because riva didn’t work for me

yes I’ll fix the tail, I have to make a spline there instead of bones
also I must work much on the timing, doesn’t look right now
not exactly a test, rather a first try, probably I keep this and just refine it a lot.


Nice work Ania, i like the render.

Bonne chance pour la suite :smiley:


Hey Anna ,

Your style is amazing ! Very unique style of texturing , really cool.
Also the jump of the cat made me do a big awww! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for more ,

cheers ,



Hey congratulations, i loved your cat! good modeling!:applause:


Thanks for your comments.

I started animating the mouse.
It’s supposed to frighten the cat.
Still some refining needed.

Please tell me about mistakes I make. It’s my first animation, so I need much advice.

Play Video >>


hey ania, funny project, love to follow it,

your texture thingy is a great :slight_smile:

hmm, about the frightning mouse, the overall movement is very smooth, but its hard for me to read what you want show… is the mouse supposed to slowly go down and the suddenly jump up to scare the cat ? or beeing scared by the cat?

i am not that kind of experienced animator, but maybe i could tell you what i’d like to see then …