Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anna Celarek


Modeling looks nice.
Let’s see what’s next.


Sweet modeling here !

I really like the style going on !
Can’t wait for more .

cheers ,



the rat has a nice booty :scream: Looking forward to more!


cool ideea, i like the cat


Mouse is great, and the pose fits lovely! Kitty looks a bit strange, but perhaps it just need a texture, we’ll see. For sure it’s scaired :slight_smile:


youhou :slight_smile:

morning :slight_smile:

i love you modeling, like a perfect one :slight_smile:
it’s great :slight_smile: which 3d package do you use ? cinema 4D ?

cant wait to see more :slight_smile:

good luck to you :slight_smile:


thx for replies

software so far is wings3d.


Hi Ania!

Great modelling so far! Looking forward to see them with that kind of texture! :wink:

By the way, just spotted at your portfolio, it’s awesome, congrats!




Nice modelling! I like the mouse… the mouse isnt gonna hurt the cat is it? :sad:

I’ll check back again for updates on your progress! :slight_smile:


started drawing the cat texture
the grey background is just temporary.
done in zbrush (just texture, I didn’t sculpt)

Insomnian - no the mouse is a harmless creature.


Hi Anna!

Really loving your style and the way youre going to texture your idea! Also nice to see quite a few other females in the challenge this time round!

Good luck and i’ll definately be following your work! -Selina


tried out the shader on the cat


Two thumbs up from me!



I like it alot.




That´s nice shading, keep it up:thumbsup:


Hey, this is really nice you’re making good progress. I like the style you’ve got, it matches the concept with the sphere pretty closely and that’s very cool :thumbsup:


looking good Ania! This default pose makes it look painful LOL


Hi I really like the way you are going to shade the image/animation it really gives it a diferent style and feel.

Great work so far, I´m really interested to se the animation on this.



looking good…hope to see more process soon :slight_smile:


thanks for your comments!