Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anna Celarek


oh…realy?..i will try out…tell me…where are good tutorials for blender?


Manual and some tutorials:

other links:

there are some tutorials on different private homepages and on smaller blender forums too, often it’s the best to search in google if you want something specific.
the blender community is also very helpful, I think they are happy about each new user :slight_smile:


A final! Great work and good luck now!


Nice job Anna ! I particulary like the render !
Learning Blender at the same time, great challenge ! I am planning to go to Blender too ! A friend of mine gave me great tips to start, so I think I will go on soon !
Great challenege again Anna !


i like your animation and shader
great job


Well done. I like the style of your animation. Sorry for not being with you from the beginning. I think you did a great job rogging and animating your characters. Good job with textures and lighs. Music works well. The only thing that I would tweak if I were you is the cat sound. I know that it is difficult to find it. Try looking at You can find there a lot of free sound effects. There should be a cat too.


hey anna, great animation, you captured the movement of the cat realy good. did you now see my animation too? good luck with your entry.



Animation is fantastic… idea, ilimination and texture style… in especial for the software used… Blender.

Good look.

I love your bananas pic.!!


Love the final piece Anna wow. And all done in Blender? Are the textures hand drawn? The style is cool! Nice work, good luck :slight_smile:


I like your style idea. Good work!


Congratulations for your price Anna ! :wink:


Yeah, big congrats - very well deserved!


Hey congrats for the Art direction award!! I liked ur style very much!


A big applaude! Respect :slight_smile: . This will give you a morale boost to continue working in animation! Congrats!


Thanks guys!
I did not expect this, wow, I wanted just to learn, I’m surprised and very happy!

sorry for the late answer, animation is done in Blender, modelling in Wings, textures partly in Zbrush and partly in Painter. Not hand drawn, I used hand-drawn textures in one of my previous works, this time I used my Wacom.


Hey I wish I’d seen this work earlier. I love it. It’s wonderful and encouraging to see beautiful artistic pieces like this not only appear at this forum but also recognised by the judges. The sinewy nervous movements of the stalking cat are so beautiful and also funny. Congratulations. I love that sketchy texture too. The whole look of it is delightful and the judges definitely get my vote (haha!!) for granting the art direction award to this one. In an industry where slickness and polish are expected it’s heartening and refreshing to see this gem sparkling with its own special kind of sophistication. Bravo!


Congratulations Ania. Style of your animation is unusual and outstanding. Well done.


Congratulation Anna.

Simply is perfect and unique style…

And most important… software used…

imagination can´t buy.

Thanks for share your imagination.


Congratulations Anna!
I love the style, I’ve seen the picture in your galley some time ago, truely beautiful.
Somehow I missed this one though, great blendermation! :slight_smile:


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