Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anna Celarek


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Thanks for your support!


I don’t have scanner nor camera, so it’s just webcam quality. sorry for that.


I see that it will be polish challenge for the first time :slight_smile: second day, and more and more of us :slight_smile: w kupie sila mosci panowie jak mawial zagloba, kupy nikt nie ruszy :slight_smile:

I see a kitty being deadly scaired when seeing a mouse. Nice idea, but what about your work? I understand that your still will be like 5th picture (first in the second row) ? or you want to have comic book style? As animation is concerned here we don’t animate (a kitty for example), only light change with some comera flythrough… but of course if you animate this kitty and mouse good for you! hope you’ll manage to do so!

good luck
I’ll be watching you


I read in the rules:
“Character animation is the primary criteria for the Master and Excellence awards in this category.”
so I’ll try to animate the cat at least a little bit.
If I can’t do it, it’ll be the scene of pictuer 5 with some camera move.
But as I don’t plan to make realistic shading, rather a shading similar to my chameleon, I hope that I’ll have enough time to try around with the animation.


to zdanie wyrwane z kontekstu regulaminu :wink:

In this category we don’t animate characters (unless you’re good at it and will manage to do it in time). It Animated Short category it’s the main focus. Here it only means that we have to create characters, express emotions, so they have to be in move, dynamic pose (which makes a possibility thta it’s animated).

If we were to animate a character and create a scene for that and render it, taking under concideration that we’re working alone in this category… not too many would do it on time… in a last challange not too many managed to do a simple animation of camera move or light change…

But still, I hope you’ll manage to do it, I also will try to animate ma characters, but rather in static poses, so only some slight hand and head movements… but I doubt if I manage to do it.


hehe, just read some more about it, later in FAQ section they clarify that our category here is to let people do their own animations (not based on a screen play delivered), and on the other hand to let 3d people to enter open categories like model, texture. So competition here will rather force doing an animation if we want to be noticed :slight_smile:
good luck!


heh…i like this idea…i’ll watch this one…


best of luck :slight_smile: Kitties are always good :smiley:


I will try to make the scene in this style, however on the sphere the texture is rather random, I will put more love into the textures on the real models.

Next update is to come not before July because I have exams now.


I like the ideea with this shader very nice!:thumbsup:


I recall your Chameleon :slight_smile: I know you will do it in a top quality! I’m wondering how it will work in the animation… do you plan to animate the texture? to make an impression taht each frame was drawn separately?


I went on your gallery and I’m quiet impressed !
You create top quality pictures !
I am a fan of the fiat 126 and the snail that I have already seen but the chameleon, as Arturo said, is amazing ! The hand painting work is so great !
So, I will follow your thread, I think I will learn some cool things !


hey !
cool concept, and like Gilles said your gallery is impressive. if this will look something like the Chameleon, wooww it will be just great.
… any way good luck, and good luck with the exams , too ! :thumbsup:


oh cool - my fav work of yours is that cameleon with the penned texture - that’s a real cool look!


Oh, I like that texturing test, way cool!
Some wonderful stuff in your portfolio - looking forward to follow your work here :slight_smile:


Thanks !

Arturro - I don’t plan to animate the texture, because it would be too much work. Also I think it could be disturbing for the eye when not only the characters but also the texture moves.
I’m not completely sure yet how it will look with animation, but at least the shader interacts with light (there are two textures now, the blue one for shadow and the yellow one for light)


started modelling the cat
ooh and my references are sooo cute, I fell in love
ref 1
ref 2
ref 3
ref 4
(I have around 100 of them on my harddisc now)


funny ideer , good luck.


Hey Ania !

A really nice and cute start of the cat !
The textures should be splendids with that kind of shader !

Gonna follow your progress for sure ,

cheers ,



mouse model ready