Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


OMG! That’s why you are the bastard! If you’d finish you’d ceartainly be under the top 3…but you always don’t!
This is fantastic…Your characters are always so unique I really love to animate them!
We just have to collaborate some day man! after punishment…

You don’t deserve this cause you never finish but… :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

I really hope you finish master and servant and this one some day…


Wheres that bazooka of mine… oh I dont ahve one… but trust me fella if i had one I wud put a hole in ur … well i wudnt actually… but this is bad news man!!! I look up to you and you give me this?.. its just ironic man its a huge tragidy… i cant bare this anymore…:cry::cry::banghead::banghead::cry::cry:

listen to me you hear! u gotta finish this and show it to us… dont just finish and keep it to ur self… man this would be so cool… I tell ya if u finished this one for the challange u’d get the best modeling prize for sure!! o well… see ya around Anders!

P.S. Cant stop looking at that old lady… she got this nicest grand ma look… such a pitty!


this mama impact me… great characters… and textures…


you’re back in the game!
Will you be able to finish now? 15 days left man! Otherwise just move it over to the illustrations if that’s possible!


oh yeah, it is possible !


:eek: omg? how strange is that, 2 extra weeks was just what i asked for last night and that’s exactly what we get… I’m back in the game!! :wip:

:smiley: hahah yes now it will be possible if nothing unexpected happens which i hope won’t.
and, collaboration? anytime !! :slight_smile:

haha :smiley: if i knew someone would react like that i would have finished long time ago :smiley:
thanks for the support man! now with these 2 extra weeks we got, i will deliver!

i’m glad she does, thanks! :slight_smile:

yeeeeaaaah!! :wip: :wip:


thats spooky fellah! u just asked for an extention and u got it… now i got bad news for ya… u gotta finish it this time! go go go all the best!!


awesome! now you have to finish - she’s brilliant!


Hi Anders! I’m very glad about you that you can go to finish this stunning piece. I hope everything will go on the best way for you. Good luck! Looking forward for the final impatiently.


hah! never say die!

now u have no excuse!


Dude where’s the update!
Don’t dare to say that you are running out of time again…you know,
I’ll be watching ya!


Yeah wheres the updates man?


:blush: work came in the way… no chance i will make it.
thanks everyone for your support throughout this challenge! hopefully one day this project will be brought to life again… but right now I’m in the process of packing my bag so i can go out and hide in a mountain somewhere… i know a few guys who wants to kill me right now :blush:


That’s a shame. I really like the whimsy and mirth of this piece. Well, even if you don’t get it done for the competition, I hope you finish it eventually. Best regards.


Better run fast buddy!
I’m on my way.

Or hope for another miracle :smiley:


yeah and I’m one of them! :twisted:


shitty kompis.
So close to making your best pic and you stop :confused:


The only good thing which could be positive is that you let a chance to win to somebody…:shrug:
But Please do a picture with this, I will be amazing for sure !


arrrgh Anders… why! I know real life happens to all of us. I hoped it would at least make to the illustration side, it is looking so cool man!

hope I see it finished and front page of cgtalk soon!


Real life sucks! But the bills have to be paid!
To bad you didn’t make the final but there will be more challenges :slight_smile:

Nu skall jag och familjen till Slottsskogen på promenad :slight_smile: