Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


yeeah you simply rock fellah
now finish it before the deadline!! otherwise…you don’t wanna know :twisted:


that`s a great piece so far, the mood, lightning, atmosphere, characters are all great and done with much love (at least I guess they are^^)
keep it up


Anders. It looks like you will finish this challenge. What an incredible news :scream:
I like your last update, just maybe try to keep the right part of your background really dark ?
For me it’s not a problem to have a whole wood environment, just a question of choice. Im not sure about it, but inside the fireplace, maybe it could be a little clearer (not much, just a little because you have very bright back light on characters that are more far from their light source).


thanks mate!

thanks! you are right so i have changed the fireplace in this version.

i am working 24/7 to avoid your punishment… whatever it might be :cry:


thanks for your comments! i have taken them into consideration in this update.
I think it looks much better with the way u suggested.


I’m modeling the props and tweaking the lights. so ideas for props and lights(and everything) else much welcome.


Still cute !
The feeling of “fantasy” is touchable !


thats what i’m talking abt… that looks great buddy!.. still love the wormth of this image… keep going!:thumbsup:


looks bautiful…the illumination is perfect!..and textures too…nice update


your lighting is awesome man! love the colours and mood
what do u have in mind for the animation?


Gilles, Zubuyer and Carlos,
thanks for the constant support through this challenge, you guys are the ones who rock!

thanks! sadly this scene is to much for me to animate well… it would need fire fx, water fx, cloth, hair movement etc… it would be overkill so i won’t do more than a little flythrough of the scene without the FX animated. maybe not even that infact. maybe i will only enter the open categories, i will see what time permits.


This is wonderful1 I like it a lot, the concept, the lights and the color skeme along of course with the characters. Very well done! Good Luck!


where are the updates bastard?


yeah bastard! :smiley:


Peer Pressure! Peer Pressure!

Don’t listen to 'em, Anders… take your time!
You’ve got till… tomorrow!


Hey anders I hoped you’ll finish this challenge. Was it a dream or not ?:slight_smile:


:cry: I hoped I never had to say this… but, i won’t be able to finish… for this challenge at least. (if not a miracle happens and the deadline gets pushed a few weeks :slight_smile: )
thanks for the great support everyone! sorry to disappoint. maybe you will see it in the 3d gallery someday.


argh nooooooo…
Anders that’s really bad news man, Ur entry and character design has been inspirational and one of my fav’s since the start.

really sorry to hear grrr…Maybe push it over to the Illustration side? You’re SO close man!


So you are ready for the punishment!?

Well I’m really sad to hear that man! Your work is always wonderful. I loved all entries
in you past challenges especially the master and servant…you just NEED to finish buddy!
I’m packing my tools and I’ll come over tonight when you’re sleeping! Or maybe I should wait for the miracle…whatcha think? :smiley:


It is so F$%!# bad news !


I attach this update to ease my punishment some… please? :cry:

btw, the M&S entry is something i really hope to finish one day… :slight_smile: shit, these challenges leaves to many unfinished entries…
thanks alot for the support during this challenge btw!

Gilles and Martin,
thanks for your support!
if i had entered the illu challenge i would probably have finishedby now, animating the scene was to much for my time schedule and i learnt my lesson.
i decided i didn’t wanna finish something fast or try the illu challenge to have a chance on the prices. i prefer finish it properly someday.
this challenge has pushed me to work on things/styles i didn’t for a very long time and i learnt a looot during the way, which is the only price i ever wished for. pretentious, but true…:slight_smile:
anyhow your words means a lot to me as i have become a fan of your works during this challenge. now get back to work on yours and take a place among the top ! :stuck_out_tongue:


She is so amazing ! Please, you are right finish it well because it is a most inspired thing I have seen in 3D since a long time !