Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


if the nose look like a dick…

it’s from fellah for sure :slight_smile:



the materials are admirable
I like it a lot, nothing to criticize.


I really like the fabric textures – particularly the subtle fuzz on the woman’s sweater. Nice job on that.


Very Promising. I hope you’ll got the time to finish it.


Well well well this is a suprise i thought id never see another post from the great fellah !

Been a long time good to see you still can model (lol jk) i will now be keeping my eye on this thread
keep up the good work


Hey people & Fellah’s fan.

did you know fellah modeled this fellow ?!

cheers !


fellah you bastard!
That looks friggin awesome! Always love your models and if you don’t finish this time…
I’ll come over and kill ya! ^^


Yeah, verry funny models :thumbsup: Great job so far crazy man:applause:

I`m looking forward to see mooooore :bounce:


thanks everyone! sorry for the long delay, i have been on vacation for the last 2.5weeks and not been close to a computer since.

good idea for the arms, i will give it a try!

yea you’re right, there will probably be grass or flowers covering his little penis.

riiiiight, and you are the guy who are the director of all the commercials and more…?? :wink:

hahah, you won’t have to. if I don’t finish i will kill myself. to long since i last finished a personal piece.


Hi fellah,

u r the best, my best wishes , .




not sure this is worth posting, but it was a while ago since last, so why not.

apart from the obvious BG paintover the baby has been tweaked and unwraped and the troll mamas arms have been unwraped as well.
any ideas/comments are much appreciated.


Nice to see you back anders. I like the lighting, nice colors.
I just think that, with the stick, the grandma left arm would be too symetrical with the right one. Maybe put the stick a little more before her.


hey thats so cool…nice update mate!..your work is looking great…very funny!:thumbsup:


Supercool image… i really love this one. All the best and good luck

Victor Marin


maaan that is aweosme!!.. I love the mood… when u gonna finish this thing i just cant wait… feed my eyes, they are hungry!!..

gud luck mate!


Great work - I like this concept!:thumbsup:


I like the soft mix of shadows and light, making a great atmosphere:thumbsup:


heya! yea when u mention it I see it. i changed my concept(which where more like u suggested) to this to have a more clear silhouette.
but now i think it will be better to do what u said. i will fix the arms later once they are rigged better. right now I’m concentrating on the whole pic, to get some BG done and see where
the pic is heading.

hah, i wonder that myself… i hope i will finish, i will do my best to do so at least. to long since i last finished a challenge. and it would feel
shitty to have struggled so far and leave this unfinished…

thanks everyone else as well for your support!

here is another update, starting to build the BG. I am still not sure if i want the fireplace AND the walls to all be made out of wood/bark. anyone else feel this looks strange?
i might change the fireplace to stone… i will see. comments much welcome!


Excellent lighting !
I Love this scene !


awesome update buddy… im feling it… about the fireplace… yeah i think u sud make it out of stone (CG stones wud do)… i donno for some reason the wood texture looks bit low-res to me… a little denser texure might be cool. keep going man… i’m waiting for a fine finish from u!:thumbsup: