Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


I just had to take out some time to tell u that you’ve done an awesome job modeling that head so far. The model’s mass and proportions look awesome along with the details. Question: The concept has a very cartoonish approach but the model is moe in the realm of realism, Which approach will you take?


lazyyyyyyyyyy stop playhing and work !!

and watch toy story !!!


thanks everyone!

I think i will go with a mix. kinda like the forest characters on my web.

I have had to much work lately to really work on this. but here is a little update to show that i’m not out of the game just yet.

i will detail him a little more later. but i don’t think i will use any mudboxing on this character.


YEPPI YEPPI JOY JOY! he updates!!.. That piece of modeling is looking sweet man… ur skill of bringing personality into character is awesome!.. keep going bro wanna c more!!

P.S. Dont goto hibernation its not winter yet!


thanks alot, Zubuyer! :slight_smile:

here are a few screenshots on the progress of the baby modeling so far(click for bigger)

c&c welcome.


let me just say it like mr burns: Excellent!


Nice job…the model progress is so cool…keep going!


Very very cool models… the facial expressions are great, lots of personality :thumbsup:


thats cool, but theres a box on his tally whacker


thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

here is another update.

her face will get lots more work later(babys to).
eyes are closed because i haven´t modeled any eyes yet.
arms are just in their blockigng stage.
c&c welcome!


hey fellah… awesome job man… keep em coming man


It looks so cool…nice progress


i have no idea where this one came from but damn anders that’s superb work here. keep it up. ill definatly stalk this here page.


Great work fellah!! I’m loving the texture on the lady’s clothes. Really nice touch! :love:

I like the design continuity you have going as well. May I suggest making the old lady’s arms a bit saggy? You know, that old woman hanging fat thing? May conflict with the proportional design you have, but thought it may be worth a mention.:shrug:


Wow! Those are some really great model. Awesome job one the mushroom nose. I really like the concept art too. It reminds me of the witch from Looney Tunes.

Look forward to seeing more from you.


on the "baby"make the dirt a grass so that you dont need the box and you can cover it up that way and it still makes sense and it will look better than a box where his twig and berries should be


Still excellent !
The add of fur on the dress gives an amazing touch ! Nice job Anders !


That is… juicy! Can’t wait to see what expression you put on her!


it’s lookin gr8 man!! keep it up ;p


really great character you’ve done there! and this is sure a loving grandma! more, more! :wink: