Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


thanks everyone!!

as others already pointed out before me, its a mushroom. maybe i will place more of them on her body. kinda like the shells and sea things on the characters in pirates of the caribbean. i like your idea and will see how i can implement it later, i love when ppl bring ideas!

yea, i tend to agree with the nose pinching on the top. i will take care of that.

it was only the mudboxing which went that fast, and its not really a lot of mudboxing. i already had a pretty good base that took much longer than 20 min to do :slight_smile:
here is the wireframe of the current model, ready for facial animation.


Well, to be honest, my jaw dropped on the floor, looking at the character’s head.

Mushroom made me laugh out loud!

Man, will I enjoy this thread as you go along…


Hahaha…i love that mushroom… Very nice modeling,
i´m really looking forward seeing her in action.:thumbsup:


Hey fellah! Really liked your concepts, and the modelling is turning out just great! Can’t wait to see more of mamma troll!

Congrats, good luck and keep going! :thumbsup:


Very impressive work, good topology. :thumbsup:


Whoa. This is looking faboo! What are you program are you using for the modeling? Can we see a shot of the mesh? Love your work.

Ha! While I was typing you posted the mesh and mentioned mudbox. Really great.


Hey nice start with modeling…i love the nose…keep working like this:beer:


Wow! Youre really getting the John Bauer vibe into your modelling -im bowled over!


speechless, u basta…, :smiley: you know how a big fan of your things I am!

I really like to see you animate these stuff man, you MUST do it.


Wow, very nice. I’m a fan!
The sketches already have so much life in them.
And the face is just… perfect. Kept simple, every trait is important, and such a pleasure observing it! Thanks :slight_smile:

And good luck!


Characters are great, the stile too, I like your work I’ll be watching this thread




wwaaaaah how could I miss your 3D thread!?
you were confusing me with your smurfs!! This looks aawesome very fellahish.
And if you don’t finish this time, I’ll kill ya!
Cheers mate! I’ll be watching!


Wow that is delightfully gross!! Good job! This is going to be a fun thread to watch.


Ha ha ha…love the character design and you have some top-notch modeling and sculpting work there!

Definitely have to keep an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:


thanks A LOT everyone! I didn’t expect such response to the modeling but it makes me happy to see.

haha relax :wink: real life catched up on me. got some work to finish up, then I will be back harder than before!

I will I will! …if you count a camera pan as animation… :wink: hopefully more, i will see what time allows.

hahah yea the smurfs are just my cover up so ppl won’t find my real challenge entry!! :wink:


hey you’re in modeling too???thats awesome…the oldi one looks…hehe…cute n lovely:love:
ila’s Right…animate it:thumbsup:


This is great. It reminds me of one of the face-wall mounts that squirt water out of there mouths when you pull its string.


simply excellent.
can’t wait to see your shading/lightning step fellah.


That troll lady looks great in 3d :). I had some ideas revolving around watering myself, but i see you were first. Good for you :). Good luck :thumbsup: