Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


Looks really good. Thats going to be really fun to see later on. keep it up :smiley:


love the troll mama.
this one really cracked me up.


Love your style!


Hi Anders!

Your characters rock, You’ve got a style of your own!


thanks guys! :slight_smile:

here is the first modeling wip. the mudboxing is kinda temp and took only 15-20 min. didn’t wanna spend to much time on that as the face is still not unwrapped!
anyhow, crits and comments are ofcourse welcome.


Great job !
Modeling is cool. You manage to keep the spirit of your sketch.
I can’t wait for the next step even if I know that I will have to wait…a little…


pure sweet modeling.

The cartoonish style still remains with the perfect detail. Will be a killer.


Great sculpt!
So on model its beyond model. Nice!


o gooddy!!:bounce:… go fellah go!! its looking good:thumbsup:


This is a great one fellah! I love the style and the effort to stay in that style in 3D. Not too much critique from me so far so I’ll wait to see more as you continue on…


hella nice as usual, fellah! :wink:



So much of details, this will be great character, I mean she’s already great. :thumbsup:

Mama troll looks so thender. :slight_smile:


Anders that modeling is really impressive. Just to know what is on her nose (I like it even I 'm not sure of the reference) ? Is it like a chimney ?
A (good/bad?) idea. Your picture is about growth (baby and plants), As the plant felling is really onthe focus on the picture and as your mama as a very potatoes like nose, maybe you can made tiny plants growthing from it (or just from the pimple ). here 's a link to be understandable :

It doesn’t have to be enormou, but maybe just 1 or 2 can accentuate the mix between human and plants.


I think it’s a mushie on that nose LOL… I like it so far, really funny…not quite to keen on that pinching around the base of the mushroom, makes her nose feel a bit like a sausage…


I love the model face and the mushroom in her nouse… I think its looking fantastic allready


Hey Fellah !!

Woaaa , it looks awesome ! very creepy and funny at the same time !
I really dig your style !
Can’t wait for more

cheers ,



Excellent start!

Again, you’ve managed to completely capture the style of your conept, but in 3D…

God I envy you.



wt…? Compare to my first modeling wip, which took me 10 times longer than what yours, I am speachless. 20 minutes with this amount of details? Where do I live? …congratulations :thumbsup:

edit: Is that topology ready for facial animation?


The model is coming out good and the nose is the best part for me.


hahaha fellah you killing me, she lookz fantastic. the nose is super cool, cheerz…