Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


now, that can be challenge! :deal:


me likes!
just… if you’re going to go after realism, you might want to scrub forward in the story a second. Like this:

(Don’t forget the chunkets of nuts.)


ahaha! now all he needs is some poo around his mouth dripping from his foot!! :argh: enough poo for me, i’m already disgusted :smiley:

thanks for the laugh David! long time no see btw. everything going well in germany? any plans on joining the fun? :stuck_out_tongue:

yea it definitely would :smiley:

yea i think it can be fun for a short while but ppl will think i’m an imature fart!(maybe I am… :hmm: ) :smiley:


Immaturity is the only thing left when we are mature enough…


good, then I’m mature :smiley:

here is another one. i have almost decided i wanna do the troll mama, but what strange behaviour she will have is not finalised just yet. or maybe it is…


Love the last one :slight_smile: Go for it!:thumbsup:


Yeah, I agree… This latest idea could be really great! Can’t wait to see how you progress…



hohoho,grow baby! cool idea,mate!:thumbsup: go for it!


I Vote for this one !


Hi fellah! I’m having a great time here. Goro is down the hall - and the whole hall is filled with great people. Its like living in a festival.
I’m in this challenge. Very secretive. Shhh… :wink:


you’re everywhere anders…illustration and anim. Good luck.
This last sketch is really funny. I like it.


Loving your concept and designs, and im a big fan of John Bauer so looking forward to watching your progress!


:slight_smile: very nice style, great illustrator.


Mmm… slippery!

I can’t believe you’re doing two entries… it makes me wail with jealousy that you’ve got the time!:scream:


Ahhh… that is real cute, Troll mama will be a heartbreaker for sure, but perhaps not as skitkul as the previous sketch :smiley:


I think the last one is much better than the shit one…


HI Anders,
Its the 1sth time I see your style!Fantastic!!!.. very stylish for 3 d I love it, also my fav, as in concept so far its the 1sth one since I like simple relationships that are easy to relate with and they also guive a wider field for madness!

The big guy its funy but a bit ovious allready and not so unexpected maybe as the 1sth one.
You allready are haveing fun but keep it, that way it is looking great!


Really cool concept…keep going!:thumbsup:


thanks alot everyone!! i think i will go with the last idea, but change the background to something with a theme that fits and adds to the story more(thanks to tips from my kompis Mathias Verhasselt)

getting payed to be at a festival woaw… nah, I am really glad you are having a blast there!! say hey to Goro!(maybe there are other ppl i know at the same place?)

don’t be jelous, i just took time where there was none. i will have to suffer like… now… :smiley:

here is a slight update to the troll mamas design. nothing mayor, mainly some cloth addition and a change of jaw and chin.


What a great funny characters :slight_smile:

I really like your idea.
Keep it up and goodluck.