Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


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hello challengers!

i will try to make an image with a ~John Bauer feel, but with more crazy characters.
despite the toony concepts, i will try to make a mix of cartoony shapes and realistic textures later, once i start 3d(like som characters on my old website)

strange behaviours and scene ideas coming later. I just feelt like doing some characters sketches as a warmup.


Another thread to comment on!? And you said m@ was like virtuoso… Tsk!

Awesome! how do you do these things…I love them…truly you are the greatest,best,most amazing artist in the world! you have been given the gift of creativity from the hands of the creator himself…please tell me how you make everything so perfect…amazing ebayer A++++++++++


Seriously though, you are one of the most gifted artists for not only creating wonderfully stylistic cartoon characters but successfully turning them into great 3D models too. Not to mention I love John Bauer…

So, I genuinely look forward to seeing what comes next.

Good luck!



LOL AJ :smiley: :smiley: :d


:rolleyes: jelous cause i got the best reply…

the last account of mr V is found…MODS, check the IP… :arteest: :smiley:

seriously, thanks alot AJ, it means alot coming from a guy like you! i immediately got :blush: and a little proud :smiley: i hope i won’t disappoint with yet another unfinished piece(or 2)


very nice sketches
can’t wait for more, great website


I really enjoy watching you work Fellah! Got my popcorn and comfy chair for this one;)


nice start ! keep it ! good luck.


Awesome job on the sketch work :thumbsup:


:eek:… characters good me speechless:applause:


Anders ! Yeah great to see U here !
Some funny concept is comming !
Cheers !


Hey fellah !

Two entries ? twice much fun then … :bounce:

cheers ,



really nice character design! impatient to see more.
oh and you have the greetings from the max et lili team from teamto :wink:


thanks everyone!! :slight_smile:

i hope you are right with the ‘twice as much fun’ and not twice as much unfinished pieces :slight_smile:

supercool to see a teamto member here! i love what you guys did with m&l(and all of your other projects, ofcourse)
i am very impatient to see more!!! send a big bisous back to everyone at teamto :slight_smile:


i’m thinking it could be fun to do this pic with a frog-eye composition and with a more realistic character/environment. but maybe that would become to disgusting…


A better idea, no shit on that !


Isn´t disgustingness your goal? lol, I like your thread and I enjoyed your online portfolio a lot. So far so good. But afterall, yes shit might be too much… Maybe try to “show it unexposed” through some kind of situation…


Maybe you should think about that.


yah, i would feel sick modeling/texturing poo in 3d, so worry not. my final scene will be something more clever than poo :smiley:


No ! We would like something dirty !
ok, no matter, do what you think, I think your sketches brought something, I will not say “refreshing” after the last sketch, fun !