Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Amin Hadjbabaie


Amin Hadjbabaie is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Render: Mice Dream


I started it long time ago and as I like simple character (also can’t figure out anything else :wink: ) and also like story base animations, I did something like this.
Excuse me if I’m no match for you in here and excuse me for my bad English either


I started this something about 5 years ago, on that time I didn’t know much about modeling and texturing, then I had used a box and edit that with edit mesh tool on max!!! With ignoring some details… finally I reached to figure A.1 and A.2
Then I tried to rigging it with bones tool for my very first time, because I wanted to show it’s feeling without lips or eyes, I rigged its head too, then I reached to figure B.1 and B.2 later I used biped and reached figure c


After smoothing,
I didn’t use any texturing; I had used simple paint material and some omni light.
That was it simple white showed absurdity which I looked for


Here is my final render, I like this picture more than other frames


Here is my final work. I can’t upload final animation with Cguploader because I have not CGS membership and for some reason I can’t get it now, then I must quit this competition.

Then go and look at my animation at link below, and tell what your opinion about this animation is


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