Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: alvin tea


Big Big End…


I like PineApple. hahahaha adn IFhone… :slight_smile:

camera and blur are excelent!!

good luck.


The final is great Alvin, well done. Love the style and colour. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi Npantic,

I have one girl and one boy.

Girl is about 3 years old (she was born in Christmas day!), she is smart and talk a lot:rolleyes: …
Boy is about 4 months + now, and he is cry a lot:shrug: …

I do wish both of them are getting “normal” later you know:D …


Thanks overcontrast:)

Thanks infoarq, you have a killing entry mate!:thumbsup:

Thanks Trickz, good luck to all of us:scream:




Software: After Effects,Illustrator,Lightwave 3D,Modo,Photoshop

Fairy tale - who is real…

"…Places your lost teeth under your pillow before going to sleep, the tooth fairy came during the night and exchanged the teeth for the gift… "

Hi all… this is the extended version, just added a few deleted scenes, which were not in the final animation… hope you like it!

By the way, also need credit to Crazy Bump, I use this little software to create all the normal maps inside the animation, absolutely amazing software!

Play Video >>


that was a splendid execution! really amazed by your piece! congrats!!!:thumbsup:


thanks for kind comment, glad you like it.:slight_smile:


Thanks everyone here supports and all your kind comments, it has been a great 4 months journey with all of the masters! All the best to you and your works, good luck to you… and me!!:slight_smile:

See you guys later!:scream:


What a great final! Good luck now!
Looking forward to the next episode :slight_smile:


Thanks, I am also look forward to start next episode… if I have time:D


Hey Alvin,

Wow, very nice animation and execution, it looks like it was an interesting Challenge. Super job and good luck, maybe see you in the next challenge.



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