Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: alvin tea


Hey Alvin, this is all coming together into a gorgeous piece… I hope you can finish it before the hammer drops

Good luck


It takes a while for this update… have tried uploade wip animation but not success… so have to go back 2d wip!! I would be appreciate if
someone can tell me how to uploade wip animation…
Also the quality by using RivaEncoder, anyone have better solution about encoder can give better quality, please… :slight_smile:



Thank you:)


very cuute


Software: Lightwave 3D,Modo

finally found out how to uploade video…
Thanks npantic.

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cuute :bounce: i love this . so nice :thumbsup:


Congratulations Alvin…
Looks great and i love your style.

Good luck!!


infoarq, tororiental, thanks:)


Software: After Effects,Lightwave 3D,Modo

Here another update of the animation… rendering almost finish… tick tick… cheers

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the rendering, shading and style are insane!



Now I am working on music, sound etc… try to get it done asap!!!:twisted:


finished animation… finally, now need to get file size down… able me to uploade it!! cheers


So beautiful ! Your renders are great and the characters so cute ! Should be a cool animation !


Software: After Effects,Illustrator,Lightwave 3D,Modo,Photoshop

Fairy tale - who is real…

"…Places your lost teeth under your pillow before going to sleep, the tooth fairy came during the night and exchanged the teeth for the gift… "

Finally… well now I can go back to “real” life after this… I miss my 3 months old baby boy, he was born during the competition, so it isn’t easy take care of all these between famaily, job and… I am glad I have got this done. Thanks everyone here for kind comments and all feedback are welcome… see ya.

ps I will provides download link for Hi-Res version later… and here is the link to my Illustration section…

Ok… some more credit I need to put down here. ( wow… I can type all these in English!! :slight_smile: ) I have used one very cool AFX plugin called TimeShuffle, by Jerzy Drozda Jr (aka Maltaannon), you can find this plugin at Creativecow. I used this to create jitter effects in my animation, one at a scene when the little girl revealed her devil side(her hands have flames etc), and also the other one was when the girl was asking for iFhone(iPhone)… you will get what I mean when you watch the animation, it saved me a lot of time for animation this in 3d software, so go and get it, it is a great plugin.
The song is played by xylophone at the beginning and the end, it was called “Two little tiger” which I still remembered (wow… more than 30 years, I got good memory aye). It is a popular Chinese children folk song…

Thanks all… see ya:scream:

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Excellent Alvin !
The renders are amazing ! I really love the way you shoot with the camera !
Great job man !


Thanks gpepper, good luck to you.:thumbsup:


It is in fact kind of horror movie! :slight_smile: And I specially liked when he is doing that offended grimace (like a baby - is it from your live experience from your baby?) with his mouth!

Most strange and shoking to me is when they opened their eyes… on the contrary to the asian anathomy… it is really strange and frightening behavior! I was a little afraid of them! :slight_smile:
Well done! :thumbsup:


Thanks for your kind words.
It has noting to do with my experience at all…:smiley: I am only having fun.:thumbsup:

Thanks again.


What do you have, girl or a boy ?
I have two boys - 4 and 6. First one was very noty when he was baby - crying all night all and so on. And second one was almost invisible. Now they are just opposite! :slight_smile: .


congratulation on a great finish… i really like the idea of this piece… and very nice execution… i wish ya all the best!!