Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: alvin tea


That’s a lovely environment. Wonderful work as always, Alvin!


Thanks for your comment.:cool:


applyed all textured on models, testing the lights, reflections etc… cheers


new floor, adding plants and little textures changed… cheers


wow Alvin environment is breathtaking!! Render with distortion has new qualities in colour and dinamics, but that undistorted is also good because distortion ruins a little bit geometry of oriental props…


Thanks npantic,

Camera distorted does give some dynamics to the scene, I am playing around with the real camera lens render in the scene(Lightwave), very interesting!




Very nice room, really, very nice.


Thank you:)


this is a close up render of her room/bed… I am working on animation now, hope to have something to show soon. cheers


lovely ornaments


test render… lights, shadow and camera study… cheers


Thank you.:slight_smile:


Character facial expression. cheers


these are render images of fairy and little girl, working on storyboard and animation and more… cheers


Nice project. Maybe the character needs to be light up a bit because there are really near from the environment color. But with the movement it will be great.


thanks for the comment.:slight_smile:

i know… It is hard to get it “right” because we all have difference monitor, I see colour well contrast and vivid between background and foreground(characters) here in one of my monitor(working), but looks not so nice on some others, so I guess I “really” cant do much about it…:slight_smile:
cheers A


Have been busy with family and job… but will need to quickly finishing this off! Just a quick render of the scenes, working on animation and rendering at the same time… cheers


Hey Alvin, hope that your obligations will not prevent you to finish this movie & that you will have a great quality! Keep up! :slight_smile:


Thanks, will try my best!!:slight_smile: