Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: alvin tea


yo buddy! :stuck_out_tongue: great to c u here man! ( feels just like yesterday ) missed u guys a lot! :cry: but now we meet once again! :bounce: lets partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :stuck_out_tongue: :buttrock:
lovely concept my friend! the models looks so freakin real! :eek: love that finish! waiting to c more updates dude! have fun! n good luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks DeadSquirrel, nwiz25, really appreciated your kind words. cheers


Girl’s bed…


What a wonderful thread you got going here! I really like the warmth of your scene and early renders. Neat illustration work in your other thread too. I will definitely keep an eye on your progress.


Little girl’s room…


little update… screen panels and drawer cabinet.


hey alvin, it’s growing up !
Really cute character, nice design.
the girl’s room take shape too, nice progress here.
can’t wait to see more. :slight_smile:


gril’s room completed…


Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Finally got sometime to post this…

you can go to my Illustration section to see more of the texture details…



Girl’s model and texture updates, I have have uploaded her cloth texture on my Illustration section:



Gorgeous paint job on these characters mate:thumbsup: the environment has really taken shape too… Conrats!


thats cute man. Good job


Very nice texturing and shading!
Are you going to add eyebrows also?
Keep up!


Awesome job! I really like how the characters are turning out!


I very much like the style of your movie…!

And about eyebrows, maybe some ultra-thin ones (rel one shaved and thin added more higher?)


DaddyMack, Wayne jermaine, varma, Chiko, npantic.

Thanks for all your kind comments.:slight_smile:

updates coming soon, but some glitch on my internet… soon I fix that should be able to post some images.

Re eyebrows, yes, I have added a thin ones on them. Thanks:)


These little things are still so cool !


test of the textures on bed, room and wall etc. cheers…


just an updates on the shading, all craft are normal map!

details on textures @