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Hello to everyone!:scream:


not a surprise to see you enter this one Alvin.
I wich you spend funny time, and same good things than the last challenge !
i’ll surely follow this thread.


hello friend!!
wish you all the best CHEERS!!


hey Alvin, greta to see you in the challenge, like Cyril said, i hope it would be a funny one.



Have fun Alvin !
Thanks for your word on my thread ! :beer:


should be alot of fun Nice to see what youy do


Yap, rather not surprised seeing you here :smiley: great! let’s rock my friend


hello man,

good to see you joined up.

hungry for more after the last one?



Heyaa! Great to see you here again mate:D I look forward to seeing what you chose to do:curious:


Thanks all guys, it is great to work with all the masters again, lets us all have fun!!:slight_smile:


Here is my first concept…

“Tooth fairy”

Will post Concept Sketch soon…:slight_smile:


This is the very first rough sketch, and still far from the final idea, I am try to work it out the characters first, will post more detail sketch later… cheers


Cool sketch Alvin !
Any concept coming out from your brain ? Can you explain your idea ?


Thanks Gpepper,
I have few comcepts in my mind, but still try hard to put it together and show in sketch or on text… I will try to do some more sketchs(which I am now doing it…) and post here with explaination soon.




Working on characters design…
Ok, I am taking western folklore - Tooth Fairy, place under the eastern envoiroment… about a young Chinese girl losing a tooth, places the tooth under or her pillow before going to sleep, in the morning, the tooth is replaced with a coin by tooth fairy etc etc but with a bit twist of story line to show they strange behavior…




the characters look great so far… keep it up


Great sketches Alvin !


nice sketch :slight_smile: like the character~ good luck ! :slight_smile:


Character design continue… cheers

And you can see some simple animated wip of this image…