Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: ali rahimi shahmirzadi


Character with Shell (top view)


Character with Shell (persp view)


interesting, the shell gives it a whole new dimension and bumps up the transformation potential.
keep rocking.


Character with Shell (side view)


Character with Shell (close view)


Characters head (front view)


Character with Shell (front view)


Wow. great modeling. it’s getting really complex, almost hard to read. :eek:

It looks like you’re having fun and thats the point right!? :slight_smile:


Well thanks. Yes its getting abit complex, but iam doing all my best to dont make it to much complex. The hands on top will slide in the shell, also i am using a big flat surface against the high detail surface to avoid oveload surface with to much details without composition. I always have this point in my mind.


Looks cool so far. My initial thought was that it looked like a rocky landscape. I bet when you put more color into it, things will really start standing out.


great progress on the model

in the last render i can better recognize the creature. In the others i had a sence it was going to be somewhat bombastic and busy. But it’s starting to clear out a lot.
i guess animation will also make it much clearer.

good job


Thanks guys
Infact its shell is a rocky landscape from outside. Iam still in a composition progress. It take me lots of time.


hey ali…good to see you here again budy,nice model after all,i cant recognize anything from your concept image but i know you and i know what your mind looks like so i can guess what a detailed piece it’ll be at the end…
keep rocking Dude:thumbsup:


Thanks reza.
This time i will finish it for sure cause its for a movie project too.
Some new update. I change it alot, Forget about shell for now. Iam focusing on a body itself.


Full body - front view


Full body - top view


Full body - side view


Full body - back view


Full body - pers view


Full body - pers close view