Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: ali rahimi shahmirzadi


Totaly strange :scream: and bsolutely awesome style.



Great concept (that sketch is a piece of art by itself!) and very interesting modeling, I really like that hand-as-legs design.

Keep it up and good luck!


Full character body from the back with open engines ready to takeoff


Thanks a lot for comments


Full character body from back


Server error. hummm


Full character body from top


Character face from front with open mouth


Looking better with every post! You are planning on adding the wings back in aren’t you?


About the wing i changed my plan. I might dont add any wing at all. Maybe small wing. Its hard to achive a good composition with wing.


In that case don’t sacrifice the comp for those wings. The creature really dosen’t even need them. They just had some cool, texturing potential.


Characters Head


Characters Head In progress. i baked it in vertex color ambinat occ (maya-mentalray)


Characters Head


Characters Head


This is a realtime version of this model that i build it with Quest3D (in progress). I want to build the final movie in realtime with Quest3D( like nvidias demo), Its not easy but for my story its possible. I done it once before [](

Technical Details

Microsoft Windows 98,ME,2000 or XP
DirectX 9.0c or higher 
A latest of your GPU driver 
Your GPU should support pixel shader model 3.0

Here are the things I've implemented
1.Full HDR
2.Motion Blur
3.Camera switch
4.full dynamic lighting cycle with dynamic shadow, sun position,Exposure, temperature 
5.Fix ambiant occ

To zoom in and out the Object Inspection Camera use the middle mouse click, to rorate use the right mouse click.
To move the Walkthrough Camera use the arrow keys.

[color=Red]Bug: shadow map dont work in Windowed mode, make sure to use the full screen mode to see the realtime shadow map





wow excellent work so far mate…

keep going



Thanks bearfoot.
Ok. Some new update. I changed it a lot. Now this character have a big shell like Snail. And it will hide inside of this big shell.


Characters shell (behind view)