Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: ali rahimi shahmirzadi


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Latest Update: Modeling: Pic-089


A demonic character kills himself with a pistol


man, welcome in the challenge. I remember your works from past, they were pretty nice inspiration for me so I am happy to see you in this show. Already nice start :thumbsup: Good luck.


This is one of the characters leg. Its some kinds of the biomechanical insect

Thanks Oweron. :slight_smile:


This is one of the characters leg. Its some kinds of the biomechanical insect


I’m looking forward for a very detailed and interesting model, the leg already looks very good.


Nice concept, it’ll be interesting to see where you go with this. The leg looks satisfyingly complicated, looking forward to seeing the rest of him/it


NICE WORK! I love the concept and after looking at the beginnings of your leg love the level this is headed. Good luck!


… but I like your style very much. Keep up the good work.


Thanks a lot for the comments


Leg + Hip
Its leg infact is like a big hand


I don’t know what’s that… BUT I LIKE IT!!!.. :eek:


Looks weird and it’s realy reminds hand, that grab my imagination :slight_smile:
Keep it up, and goodluck.


awesome idea.
can’t wait to see more.


Body without head


Body without head


Body without head


hey ho

little question: are you intending to animate this?
I think the style is nice, although it’s hard to know where the shape is going with this kind of render and the low poly.
I was almost getting worried that it would be hard to recognize the creature, but it’s getting much better now.



Yes i will animate all of its part. Infact iam doing a modeling and riging at the same time. Many parts of this character are some sort of transformer style. What you see now is open pose.


awesome modeling!!!:thumbsup: