Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Adrian Baluta


Here is the link for my animation,all critics and comments are welcome.


looks very good
I like that mood
I had to laugh when I saw the little worm
The music of the second part seems to be louder than in the first part, I would make it slightly louder in the first part because it’s also a bit too silent compared to the mechanical noises.
Very good work.


looks nice…i love the intro…the camera into the grass…thats really nice…good luck:wavey:

but i yhink that you can improve the sounds and music!..well just a tough


Nice work overal. Original design. Congrats for finish it.


Thanks for the comments!When I have time I will do also a bonus feature with the eggs something nice and I will post on animation forum.And I plan to do an making of after the Challenge is finish.

Best to all!:beer:


Software: After Effects,Maya

Mechanical birds and the strange eggs.      
Is about transforming evolution,eggs transform in to birds and at the end the last egg transforming into the worm.strange right.

Play Video >>


congratulations dude! :applause: wish i could animate like that! :eek: always get goosebumps :sad:


thanks nwiz25! You also do a great job on ilustration challenge:thumbsup:



ur final pic looks cool! Not sure if it’s just me, but I can’t see the full animation… mine cuts out after the grass… anyway, I’ll keep trying and get back to u ;(


Can’t see nor listen your animation - my boss wouldn’t agree :smiley: , but I have to say that your mechanical bird looks promising, and I’m eager to see all your work (maybe when my boss go home!)
Congrats for finishing!


Thanks for the replies!GREAT CHALLENGE!:beer:

Best to you all!:buttrock:


I see alot great animation here,and also nice moods in this challenge,Bravo to everyone and wish you all THE BEST

GOOD LUCK!:beer:


Great Challenge! Very good entries.
Best to all!


No more comments?:cry:


hey gr8 piece Adib! Congrats on the Compositing catagory award. Have a lotta fun with ur prizes!


Haha you have early submission and waited much… but it has been worth waiting, yes ? Congratulitions! :slight_smile:


Congratulations, well done!


Thanks guys! Congratulation to all!

Congrats ania and overcontrast! :beer::bounce: :bounce: :bounce:



great short…


thanks infoarq! also your short is great:thumbsup: