Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Adrian Baluta


This is two render scenes from my short.Here is the link:


the transform animation looks nice…but i thing that is to fast…maybe a little slow…just a little will leave to us to apreciate more close the transformation:eek:


yeah like melkao said… its just too fast… slow it down to show the mericle of a new life comming to the world…need more suspence… but its a good job no doubt abt that!


I said too. transformation are very fast. and light fron sun are very blur… i can´t see the details of bird. (you work hard in model… ).

Good work.


Another test render.I hope you liked!
Here is the link:


is much better! could be nice to the robot to show the face trough a hole before transforming…well just a tough!:slight_smile:


Just what I was thinking :slight_smile:
Haha, it’s cool though… I like the concept of the egg becoming the body.



really good conceptual stuff,
appretiate your hard work and smartness.
keep growin,


Thank you for the good replies! Best to all!:beer:


Some render and comp test.


Now is the hard work of composition and render,I will check the shaders and do some changes to setup the light and the atmosphere.In two weeks I think I finish de render and comp.Maybe iff I have time I will do the sound to:) .

Good luck to you guys is a nice challenge!:beer:


that’s really impressive work! Both shading, lighting and ambience!
Would be cool to add sound, as you said!
Keep up!


Cool concept sketches, great design and very good animation tests.

This will be a great entry!


Hi Adrian I must say great potential for great animation but it’s not going to be easy but let me start with animation.

First have a clear idea of what you are trying to present. Then I would suggest to stop animating and start drawing thumb nails then make an animatic out of your thumb nails so you can feel the timing of your shots. Make sure that your thumbnails match your camera. Don’t make your shots longer than 3 sec unless it’s called for. Once you have whole picture of what your animation will look like start editing it or changing things around. Then you should move on to blocking and then on. If you don’t care for thumbnails do it in 3d by using your existing characters and background. Either way you will save yourself a lot of time on re-animating the scenes and other headaches.
I got to go but i’ll come back with comments on your existing animation.
Later buddy


Hi guero,
Thanks for advise but allready have a storyboard,and I also did the layout,background referance,characters line up and seting from the begining the atmosphere.
1.the ideea
2.the story
3.the storyboard layout
5.background sets
7.rough animatic
9.animation montage
10.test render - seting the lights render
12.montage render rough for the sound montage with sound

I work for 14 years in animation thats what I do and I know what to do.To make a movie is not an easy thing to do.You most set from the begining all things.

About STRANGE BEHAVIOR I show some parts of the work but at the end I will put the steps to see the artists how I work.

Thanks for the comments and sugestions!


Like I said I will present the steps of my work in order.
1.The Idea-the eggs that transforming in to the birds and at the end the last egg is transforming in to the worm.Strange don t you think?!
2.The storyboard is on the image.
I will put also the rest,step by step.


Finaly I finish the render for my Strange Behavior animation short.This is my final entry.I will put and the animation to.All critics and comments are welcome.

Good luck to all!


Hey, your final image is magnificant! And I am sure movie is too! And best luck here and in your commision…!

Liked so much ambient and colours and hey, you are part of chicken alliance too! :slight_smile:


congratulations for finishing my friend…thats a cool piece…i wat to see the full animation…good luck:thumbsup:


good work man, the lights, objects looks really good, cant wait to see you animation…:slight_smile: