Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Adrian Baluta


Building the mother bird.Modeling the head.


Modeling the head of the mother bird.


Excellent stuff !
as someone said it should be cool if the transformation was one slower.


Thanks gpepper ! With the final render and atmosphere and vfx and montage will look ok.:beer: Good luck to you to!


Mother bird and the egg.Seting the proportion.


Comming along nicely i see, can wait for the textures im sure they will be amazing :slight_smile: i found this animation yesterday and it reminded me of your project, thought you might enjoy it.


HFix Hi thanks! Yes will be also a surprise at the end of all the transforming thing.Behind this is a strong story.


Making the mother bird setup.Building the skeleton.


Awsome Concepts, very clean.


Thanks Taino I ll do my best.Next week I will start texture and lighting test.
best to you!:slight_smile:


making the setup.


This is my sketch for composition,just an ideea to know how will be the lights and the atmosphere.Most of the scenes from my animation will be close up and at the end will see the hole background.The story start with a surprise and it ends with other,a strange behavior ofcorse.


OH! transformers fan, thats cool!:scream:


Modeling the worm.


Modeling the worm.


holy cow! i missed a lot over here! :eek: gotta hand it to u bro! insane rig setup :drool:… my respects for all your hardwork and dedication! :applause::buttrock: good luck to u mate! :thumbsup: take care!


Thanks man! You also do a very good job,and your skills are great.I am preparing a suprise for you guys at the end of my short.I think this week I finished the rig for the birds and the worm,after I will do the texture and some mattepaintings.

Thanks alot and good luck to you nwiz25!:beer:


A composition test just for light reference.


A composition test just for light reference.


Seting the shadow light reference.