Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Adrian Baluta


Building the bird.


This is going to be a very interesting project to watch while it evolves. Nice idea, and a complexe one too.
I’ve always been curious as to how such tranformation animations were made (car commercials are a huge fan of the concept, for the moment). What to start with first? The tranformed or the transforming?

Or in this case… it becomes a philisophical question. What comes first?
The chicken? or the egg? :rolleyes:

Good luck on your project :slight_smile:


Makeing the wings and testing the setup.


The bird wip on Setup.


I like the borning birds, your sketch is very nice and hope to see that!! great challenge to create a nice transforming animation !! waiting for it … good job


JuanDB Thank you for the comments and I will do more than just a transforming bird.Because is an animation challenge to I will do like short animation ,I think one minute of animation with mood and good atmosphere and composition will be enough.anyway in few days I will post animation of the transformed egg.

BEST TO YOU!:slight_smile:


magnificent work…very nice…i couldn’t do such thing…this is many hours of work indeed…keep going with the idea.!


Here are som animation transform.
The link:


Here are som animation transform.
The link:


looks quite good, but I would animate it slower, so that one could see more of the transformation. currently it goes so quickly that one can hardly notice what happens.


I love this thread~its one of my favorites
fantastic concept and all the progress posts are amazing!
good stuff…waiting to see more!


ania:On the final comp will be a montage with the transformation.Right now I show the bird in full screen,usualy only some parts of transformation you show at the begining,and after the rest.I planed to make one minute of animation,and for the first transformation I will put alot of shots.At the end I am realy shore you ll see a good stuf with comp,Vfx and animation.

HFix:Yes,I will put alot of detail and also I will do an making of after the challenge is finished.

Thanks alot!


Salut Adi,
iar cu pasarici?! Hehehe.Nu te mai saturi de pasarici. Multa bafta in competitie. Iti tin pumnii.
Cu pasarica inainte!


I think ania is right…I mean it’s not bad idea to cut and compose diferent moments of some action, but you have to consider for yourself whether it is usefull to do “cut” approach or rather make it more smooth and descriptive with longer shots…of cource it’s up to you, and I hope you’ll choose the most impresive expresion…

…ha how’s that “impresive expresion”…hi hi…sounds little wierd!..however…good luck to you.


Yes,with longer shots I want to do for transformation.Will be more detailed the transform process.Right now I just posted an WIP for you to see some transform:) but at the end you l see a BIG DIFERENCE:thumbsup: .

Thanks for the advise and good luck to you!


Hey Adrian,

The transformation looks great. I’m impressed, how long did the animation process take?



loooking great… goodluck to you


attack of the tranformer egg! :argh:

try adding some snap and overlaps to the parts to sell it even more… :thumbsup:


Adding the engine reactor.Next step will be the setup add for the reactor,including in the rest of the bird.


The INSANE SETUP! That was the dificult part.The rest is not that complicate.The setup I didit in 3 steps,egg rig,bird rig and conection rig to have at the end just one skeleton for the animation of the bird.Also to put the pieces to make the transformation more easy.
I hope you liked!