Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Adrian Baluta


Now I work on tranformed little mechanical bird.Best to you all!:thumbsup:


Man your Eon final was one of my top fav’s. Now this new mech bird of yours, mixed with you older mech bird and your extremely wonderful use of colors will surely make this one of my fav’s as well!


Great stuff man! :thumbsup: Really nice to see the effort put into the mechnical joints.


Thanks alot guys!I will tried to show all the steps,the modeling part the rig,texture step,light,composition and final render.

Good luck to you to!


Wow, really brilliant idea! This has a lot of potential to become a piece of eye candy with the hatching of the eggs and all the mech parts! Good luck!


Puting the articulation of the pieces.


Testing setup for the transform arm.


Making the setup of the egg.


Nice idea! Mechanical bird looks interesting)
Good luck!)


wow this is starting to look complex =P


Building Setup.


Creating the bird…


Wow…cool concept! This is going to be fun to watch the egg transform into the bird. Were you inspired by “Transformers”? :smiley:


Thanks Jedi-Juice will be nice to show all my wip on this an very detailed one.

Nice challenge!


hey hey hey bro! :scream: very happy to c u once again! :bounce: love ur concept all the way! :love: very sweet indeed! :stuck_out_tongue: waiting to c more from ya mate! take care! n good luck! :thumbsup:


Transformation steps.


Thanks man! I will join also the ilustration challenge but later after I put the texture.maybe on the composition level.

Good luck to you nwiz25 !:bounce:


Cool concept. Transformers… chickens in disguise.


Really cool stuff! :thumbsup: Any robot that transforms is cool in my book.


Thanks again for the comments.Yes I will do a complex one with alot of atmosphere and some composition stuff.And ofcorse at the end you l have a surprise.Because the challenge is call Strange Behavior,right!:buttrock:

good Luck to you guys!