Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Adrian Baluta


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Latest Update: Final Render: A New Evolution


Adrian, i really expecting that you’ll do for this challenge.
Welcome dude, and good luck ! :thumbsup:


Hallo to everybody in the contest,thanks SweD,welcome to everyone and have a nice contest.Good luck to all!:thumbsup:


This is an old ideea of my whit mechanical birds and I thik will be nice if the egg is transform not to brake like in a usual way.


very nice concept, I’m curious how it will look
good luck


Thanks ania!Maybe in few weeks I put the models also and a color scketch.Good luck to you!:beer:


Some sckech with mechanical parts.


Should be cool ! Great concept.


loved the last mechanichal bird you created so i will be waiting to see what you 'll do with this one…


Thank you guys This time you will see also some animation transforming thing stuff like that in that atmosphere like in READY TO FLY.:bounce:


Some models of mechanical parts.


Now I define the egg parts for the transformation.


Working… I v seen alot a good things guys Good luck to all!:beer:


Another scketch of the transformer part.


Owww, I like those mechanical animal things, can’t wait to see more of this!



very nice concept, nice drawing sketch.:slight_smile:


Thanks alot guys!Best to you all!:bounce:


Some view of mechanical parts.


Detail parts.


Eeg detail and mechanical parts.